What is the most gratifying aspect of Blogging – Part 2.

After reading the last interview with Krishna Prasad of Churumuri, this question ‘What is the most gratifying aspect of blogging?‘, becomes even more relevant. A few weeks backs 21 popular Indian Bloggers shared with us as to what they feel the most gratifying aspect about blogging. Today, we have the next set of 21 popular bloggers sharing with us as to what they think about Blogging and its gratifying aspect of blogging. 🙂 Read it now.

Well, blogging is like a well done research. One is enriched with one’s own insights when one blogs. I believe we can give shape to thoughts and views by blogging and reading our readers views.

Blogging has changed my world, my life. For me, blogging is not the mere act of writing – it also involves a lot of reading and conversations with your blog communities.

The fact that without the use of pester power, people are reading what I write.

Its living in the moment. Instant gratification.

The feedback! I think its amazing when people come up to me and tell me how much they enjoy reading my blog…

It is soooo liberating! There are no word limits or space constraints. As a writer, I can receive instant feedback from some really sharp minds who are followers. I learn a lot from them. Blogs represent creative freedom – I love that.

Changing how people think. About data. About making decisions on the web.

Every word I blog makes me wiser. I think I blog as much for myself as I blog for my readers. I find I write best when I assume I am my own reader, when I take the imaginary reader out of my head.

They are the “Thank You” mails from people who tell me that the posts that I have published have helped them a lot. It makes all the effort worthwhile.

For me its discovery of people.

Blogging has given me much more visibility than any of my other past achievements..

I love to share my opinions about certain issues with others, which becomes difficult to do with a newspaper or magazine.

In this hectic life interacting with people from all walks of life through blog and sharing opinion on various issues makes it the most gratifying aspect of blogging

It’s writing without the tedium of going through a publisher, editor, waiting, etc. Instant publication.

When readers leave a comment or write in a mail saying how much they love the blog and how it’s become a part of their daily routine. Can’t get enough of that.

Sharing my stories, views and feelings about things is sometimes cathartic, often fulfilling and occasionally gratifying.

I love helping people. I don’t make any money on my blog, but I love it when I have changed someone’s life through my blog.

The fact that I am doing something that I am passionate about, and being able to connect with readers and creative folks all over the world.

An unknown reader who chances upon your blog and then leaves a comment praising it and identifying with what you have written. And the bigger feeling is when he comes back and becomes a regular.

The comments. Definitely the insightful witty comments from my readers. I read everyone of them, even Comments from spam bots and try to respond in kind.

Freedom to express yourself without any inhibitions and the discussion that comes with blogging is very gratifying.

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