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iwali is round the corner and the crackers will burst this weekend. But Crackers are being burst today already at BlogAdda to welcome the next interviewee.

She is a Management Analyst by profession who left her job to be a full time mom because of her absentmindedness. She didn’t want to fax child’s milestones in place of reports. She has another side to her which surfaces when she blogs. She is popularly known as the ‘Don’. Now that her daughter is a kindergartner, she is making a career comeback and also preparing for a career change to Cognitive Psychology.

For now she is a super blogger and it is none other than Reena aka Solilo. Let’s delve into the mind of the ‘Don’ and know how the corrupt brain functions. 🙂

Q: When and why did you start blogging?

A: It was a toofani raat of 13th Dec 2008 (notice the date), chaaron taraf andhera chaya hua tha, wind was howling slowly, an owl was making hoot hoot sound on a nearby tree giving company to this night owl. This night owl had just watched ‘Gone with the wind’ for the nth time and then just impromptu registered on wordpress and wrote ‘Why’ and named her blog after Butler’s not so politically correct dialogue ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Now let me ask you guys a question. Would you have interviewed me with that kind of a blog title? Ha..ha.. Jokes apart, the first ever post I wrote was a quote from Calvin and Hobbes. “We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.

As you all know Hobbes is a figment of Calvin’s imagination, more like his split personality. I believe human nature is a combination of both. All of us are Calvin and when the going gets tough, we want to be Hobbes. Hobbes never gets into trouble, he is always content; only if all of us could live and feel like Hobbes. Cut to the chase, this I left in the draft and published the other post for a clichéd beginning so C & H post became my second.

After couple of days, sanity prevailed and I thought my blog title was a bit controversial so changed it to the current one and shortened my screen name from mesoliloquy to Solilo.

Q: What topics do you generally blog about?

A: I write about everything under the sun that catches my attention.

Q: Do you ever get stuck when writing an entry?  What do you do then?

A: I like a good start and end to my posts so sometimes when I can’t arrive at an ending I prefer, the post remains in draft. Sometimes it remains there because the moment has passed.

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Q: What promotional techniques work best for you and why?
A: Since I don’t write for revenue, I don’t think my blog needs a promotional technique. My blog had a spur-of-the-moment start and I wasn’t even sure if I was going to continue blogging. When I started this blog it was supposed to be just me scribbling down my thoughts and stating my opinion. Little did I know that in just couple of months I would meet such wonderful virtual friends. It is fun to blog hop and read interesting, witty and erudite posts in the blog-o-sphere. Comment interaction is the most exciting aspect of blogs and that is also the most effective promotional technique. After that it is your writing that hooks a reader. From last month I started tweeting my blog updates and also interesting pieces from other blogs.

Q: How important is it for the blogger to interact with their readers? Do you respond to all the comments that you receive?

A: Interacting with readers is a must for me. I value every single reader. Most of the times posts are interactive and it is important to acknowledge a reader’s view. If a reader takes the pain to let you know that he/she enjoyed your post and also adds his/her views on the topic then how difficult is it to acknowledge that?

This is not applicable to trolls. They are unwelcome all times. Some people think that since blog is on a public domain, they have the right to question and even abuse the blogger for contradicting views. While questioning and a healthy debate is welcome, profanity is not.

Sometimes I write general comments addressing all readers when the topic is generic but most times I, at least, make it a point to acknowledge my reader with a smile emoticon. 🙂

Q: How, in general, would you rate the quality of Indian blogs? Share your favourite five blogs.

A: I don’t like rating blogs. As a newbie blogger, I once read a blogger expressing her views on how some mediocre blogs are getting more comments and intellectual ones are not. I fail to understand that. How can one catalog thoughts? Is feeling happy and writing about it mediocre? Does discussing world peace make one intellectual?

First, people should realize that blogs are personal thoughts of a writer. Some might choose to write about their country, another discuss finance yet another talk about her kids and then there are people like me who write about everything and don’t fall under any particular genre.

The thoughts expressed by each one of us cater to different people. That doesn’t make one mediocre and another intellectual. First and foremost, no one visits a place where they feel unwelcome, be it home or blog. If one doesn’t like much interaction then it is totally their choice but critiquing someone else’s blog will only make you look envious and show you in poor light.

My favorite five blogs: At this point, I want to let everyone know that there is a 9×19 mm pistol on my kanpatti (for the uninitiated it means under the ears) by arch rival Dons but the brave Don that I am, still won’t budge from my stance.

As I already mentioned I would never rate a blog. I have a good group of friends and I read them all whenever time permits. Every blog where I choose to comment is my favorite (You know who you are). Picking one out of them is like asking me to choose between friends. I can’t do that. Each one of them is precious and unique in their own way. They make me laugh, they make me cry, and they make me ponder. We are one big happy virtual family. *Karan Johar is grinning ear to ear sipping Koffee at SRK’s Mannat.*

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Q: What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of blogging?

A: When someone comments or e-mails that I cheered them up or boost up their confidence. Also, in this hectic life interacting with people from all walks of life through this medium and sharing opinion on various issues.

Q: Be it politics or movies, satire is a tool you use often to depict your views. Does it work? What are your views on present political scenario in India? What changes do you believe are happening in bollywood? What kind of films would you like to see?

A: Satire always works. Satire makes you chuckle and at the same time make you think. With a simple cartoon we had a good discussion here. Sometimes less is more.

Politics since the time of Chanakya has not changed. It is ‘survival of the kootnitigya’ (the one who excels in politics). It has always been about money and power. Nothing has changed.

I think Hindi film industry has come a long way in its execution. I say so because filmmakers are now thinking out of the box. For long Hindi industry was nowhere close to regional cinema but today’s filmmakers are experimenting and I think today’s audience is welcoming such a change. The line of distinction between commercial and art house cinema is blurred. Earlier a thought-provoking issue based cinema had no audience. Today’s audience is more appreciative towards a Wednesday or Manorama Six Feet Under and looking forward to Delhi Belly and Dhobi Ghat.

Q: ‘Is it back to slums now?’ is an awesome post where one of the things to note was the family pressure that the girl faces. You are one of the founders of NGI. What kind of pressures does a woman in present times face and how do you think they can overcome those?

A: Thank you.

Solilo Quotes Women face the same kind of pressure and issues as always. Even on that post, it was sad to see that a world of new opportunities was awaiting that little girl but she went back to the same profession that her mother was forced into. This is a social conditioning where people get so used to their surroundings and way of life that even the wrong seems right. It does not just pertain to lower strata of society, but is the same story as we move up.

All major evils of society directly impact women. Welcoming a girl child to the world, educating her and encouraging her to confidently face the world are the first steps towards women empowerment. Empowerment will come only with education.

With changing times, there is improvement in the status but still a long way to go. Fighting for women’s right is often branded as feminism and a negative connotation is attached to the word. Anybody who supports equal rights for women is a feminist and there is nothing bad about it. When you put down a woman, think about someone else treating your mother the same way. Would you side with such a person? Every woman deserves that respect.

Around 4 years back, I went to an orphanage in our hometown to donate some clothes and toys and found out that they also have a women’s shelter home. Most women fell in between the age group of 20 to 50. Some with burned marks, some almost senile, some just stopped talking. These women were abandoned by their parents, in-laws and husband. There was a Marathi woman who had severe marks on her body. Apparently she is from some village in Maharashtra and her husband brought her to Kerala and dumped her on the railway track. She didn’t know any other language and lived on the street for a long time before the charity organization picked her up. The organization as of now has a small set up but they are doing a wonderful job of rehabilitating destitute women. Since then our entire family supports the organization. Isn’t it sad that even today “Shining India” needs women shelter homes?

I believe for a society or country to truly progress, women must get equal status. How can any nation even talk about progress when one half of the population is still fighting for her rights? Indyeah has written a hard hitting post about female foeticide.

Quoting Janis Joplin “Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” and with that thought Usha, IHM, Indyeah and I initiated ‘No Gender Inequality‘ blog where everyone is welcome to contribute their personal stories and words of encouragement.

Not every woman is as educated and privileged as you and me. Even the smallest voice will make a difference in someone’s life. Let it be your voice.

Q: Most of the participants in the recent Reality Show ‘Sach Ka Saamna’ seemed not too disturbed with the topic of infidelity. There are many cases in the new age society where the wife is ‘OK’ with their husband having an affair as long as they get the money and the required attention. Thoughts are changing, not sure for good or bad. What is your opinion? What according to you are the reasons responsible for the change?

A: I don’t watch the show so I have no clue about the content. The first thought that came to my mind reading this query was shock thinking how women are putting upSolilo Quotes with infidelity. But on pondering, I think it has lot to do with woman’s status in our society. Financial security and children are often reasons for a woman to put up with a cheating husband. It is sad and men who are well aware of this fact actually take advantage of the situation.

I don’t think this is an issue of new age society. In fact I think with changing times, women with their new found independence would actually walk out of such a sham marriage.

Q: ‘Love Aaj Kal’ in one way tried to portray the message about what the youth of present times think? Do you think the meaning of the word ‘love’ is getting diluted? What is ‘Love’ for you? Can you share with us some moments which you think would define love?

A: I don’t believe in everything today is bad and all of yesterday was good. Nostalgia is good but I think people go overboard critiquing present and appreciating past. To see the beauty of the present we should start living in the present. Times have changed with advances in technology but human heart still has same emotions. No technology can change that. If you rewind to the 50s or 60s, you can find older generation calling the younger lot irresponsible and inconsiderate. That younger generation is today’s grandparents/parents and they criticize today’s generation and we might do the same to future generation. Emotions don’t get diluted with time.

Love for me is an emotion utmost important for our existence. These are some thoughts and quotes for the most precious people in my life

Q: Life in America and Life in India? If given an option, where would you spend your life and why?

A: I am a nomad. The growing up years as an Air Force Officer’s daughter in different camps took me to various places and each place was home to me. I think that one feels like an outsider till one wants to be. It is okay to value your traditions and culture but it won’t harm you to adapt to the lifestyle and respect your host state/country. Till we make an effort to know the country/state and its people, we will remain an outsider.

My parents are now settled in Kerala and they are happy and content in their sweet home. All my growing up years my only connection with Kerala was summer vacations but now with parents settling there, I find this enthralling connection with my native place. As of now living in America or London or Mumbai or Chennai or any other Indian city is the same for me. There are strangers everywhere and I have to adapt to the new place.

Home for me is where my parents live and that place is Kerala. When we decide to settle, it will be in Kerala near a place where I can listen to sea or river; suprabhatam at dawn and temple bells at dusk. My daughter’s childhood memories will be associated with her life here so it is important for us as parents to give her a beautiful home here. So home for me is here too. Till we settle, we will remain wanderers creating wonderful memories for our child. Home is where the heart is and my heart is where we make memories.

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Q: ‘Religious Freedom and Gender Equality: A Kindergartener’s view’ talks about inculcating Religious tolerance in children. In a secular country like India where everyone is free to practice his/her own religion, do you think some people are misusing this freedom? Why do you think are people fighting in the name of religion and religion being linked to terrorism?

A: I would like to make my point by citing an instance from a Malayalam movie ‘Guru’ which was inspired by H.G Wells’ ‘The country of the blind’. The protagonist is son of a Hindu priest who is mislead into joining a Hindu group after his family was attacked by some Muslims who in reality where goons of a politician. Riots break out and Hindus and Muslims start killing each other. The protagonist along with his party members plan a bomb attack on Muslims and take refuge in an ashram. By some strange occurrence he reaches the valley of blind where people do not believe in the sense of sight. They don’t know what sight is and for them even thinking about sight is a sin. When the protagonist tells people about sight, he is considered an evil.

One day he eats a tasty fruit of the valley and loses his sight. He then realizes that upon a child’s birth, every newborn is given few drops of this fruit and the newborn loses sight. The juicy, sweet fruit was the reason for blindness. He is unable to convince the people of the valley and finally is sentenced to death by eating a fruit of the forbidden tree which people of the valley consider poison but that fruit brings back his sight. He of course gets his “sight” back and aborts the bomb blast plan.

This is what happens everywhere. Blind followers of religion are misled by some miscreants of the society that spread hatred in the name of religion. Hope the deluded bunch and fanatics gets back their “sight” before it is too late.

Q: What is your advice to someone who wants to start a blog?

A: Be yourself.

Q: Let’s conclude off with a few favorites.

Color: Bluish-White. The color of clouds.

Movie: It is difficult to pick one. Watching Rain Man as a kid made me a huge fan of Dustin Hoffman so foremost pick would be his movies/mini series. I got a chance to watch Guru Dutt movies during a film festival and loved all his work. He was way ahead of his time.

TV Show: The reruns of ‘All in the family‘. Archie Bunker’s hilarious take on then American society’s prejudices is enough to tickle your bones. I used to love Bharat ek Khoj on Doordarshan because history fascinates me and whenever I am down, F.R.I.E.N.D.S can pick me up and put me back on track.

Book: This again is tough but I will go with most of R K Narayan’s works. I think it is a feat to skillfully portray the simplicity of everyday life and R K Narayan excels in it.

Time of Day: I am a night owl.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Thank you BlogAdda team for this wonderful opportunity.

Woahh! What an interview to bring in the festival of lights. Hope after reading this wonderful interview, our minds would have been enlightened with some very interesting truths. Thank you so much, Solilo, for giving such a wonderful interview and a-never-before-seen picture of yours. We are sure our readers and friends would have seen a different side of Solilo ‘The Don’.

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  5. Wonderful solilo.I don’t have words to write,it is excellent.Has to learn a lot from you.

    Home is where the heart is and my heart is where we make memories.—– very well said solilo.


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    She comes up with some howlariously (her own developed word) funny posts and
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    She is one blogger whom now I know for over a year now…. earlier we used
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    As I have to come know more about her… I know one thing she is one of the
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  10. Sols,that was a wonderful interview.Interviews are always interesting to read,and when it is of someone you know as a friend,it becomes a matter of immense pride and happiness.
    I’m so very happy for you at this moment.And I’m fortunate that I’m your friend.

    Each and everything that you have shared here makes for a fabulous read :). Its so nice to see your snap after all. You look lovely 🙂

    Blogadda thank you ever so much for this treat of an interview 🙂

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    I like this one – Blind followers of religion are misled by some miscreants of the society that spread hatred in the name of religion. Hope the deluded bunch and fanatics gets back their “sight” before it is too late. – So true

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  36. Lovely interview solilo………..
    “Till we settle, we will remain wanderers creating wonderful memories for our child ”

    It is such moments/memories in the journey that count at the end of the day 🙂

  37. wow 😀 😀
    That’s a nice interview….
    I was tired at the end 😉
    Actually, I like this DON sooo much… beautiful post all the times, always replies comments with care… that makes me feel good 🙂

    Reena aka Solilo is my one of the most favorite blogger. I am feeling great that me too has got very good virtual friends though I really stay far away from these bloggers of India 😀

    I am glad to read this interview in BLOGADDA… I heard it’s name many times, but today is the first time on this platform 🙂

    Thank you everybody… Masood, Crafty (for her link), Hichy and of course SOLILO deserves my salute for their roll of taking me as a member of their family 🙂
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  38. @Admin – Are you making fun of the fact that I never reach any where on time 🙂 I did not expect this of you , Blogadda 😉

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  42. Cool. absolutely cool! And I concur wholeheartedly with your advice on blogging to newcomers, in fact to everyone, ‘Be yourself’ Has been and is my mantra in everything! Loved reading your responses Solilo!

  43. @Saritha: Hugs back, Sari.

    @Hitchy: You are a loony, my friend. :))) All those nice words for me? Oh lord! now do I have to return the favor by being nice to you. NEVER. I will be the same EVIL Solilo on your blog. Mwahahahahahaha.
    Jokes aside, thanks for all the nice things you wrote.

    @Swar: Jeetu is here in White pants, whiet shoes and white shirts, my dear Sridevi!

    @Hitch: Oh lord! that picture was taken when I wasn’t even posing. Blogadda team cut the other side of picture. It was just a casual pose. Hey Bhaggu!

    @Deeps: Thank you dear. Whoa! I didn’t see the SRK link. WooHoo! you made my day. Now I hope IHM back off the competition. SRK and I have a connection. Diwali connection. Ha..ha..ha..

  44. Blogadda…tell me…tell me…how did you catch hold of this DON for this interview ??? I thought all those 11 mulkk police was behind her too !!! Probably, this is the only fotograph of hers too !!!

    Silly-lo (I prefer calling her that way) is one versatile blogger. She writes on Peanut(s) (oh, thats how we call her daugher), politics, women, Indyeah ( 😉 ), movies, bloggers,etc. Oh, yeah, she did mention, everything under the sun in her interview itself, na? But I have a question to you Silly-lo : Everything under the sun, as in, when the sun rises or when it sets ?

    Ok, as I was saying Silly-lo is a wonderful person. I tell you, she is one pain sometimes with her replies to my comment at other blogs. She along with another devil Smita doesnt let me win ..hmmpphhh !!! and she always leaves her trademark evil laughter Muhahahhahahaha !!! (which, btw should be spelt as Buhahahhahaha. tried convincing her on the ‘spelling mistake’; she doesnt want to correct herself also 😀 )

    Guess what, Silly-lo is multi-talented too. She sings songs at other blogs (particularly Ashwathys 😉 ) and has also shaken her legs (she has got two left foot).

    Ok, Im supposed to write something about the interview too, na? Ok, here goes :

    “Would you have interviewed me with that kind of a blog title?” — Im sure there was a virus attack in Blogadda this time !!! I can understand Indyeah, and to an extent Hitchy, but now you !! definitely virus attack !!! 😀 😀 😀

    “Some people think that since blog is on a public domain, they have the right to question and even abuse the blogger for contradicting views” — Woah ! Woah ! look whos speaking !! there isnt a single post of mine where you havnt pulled (all) my legs ! 😀

    “I don’t like rating blogs” —‘Im bad at maths’ would have been a convincing answer 😀 😀 😀

    “I value every single reader” — yeah, yeah ! the kind of value I get is simply awesome !! 😀 😀 😀

    “I am a nomad” — Now you are speaking !!

    ((I actually thought of leaving a saccharine sweet comment here for her. But whats the use ??? She is never going to return the favor ever by being sweet to me !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 and of course, this is Silly-lo, our very own DON Silly-lo !! Sweet things dont suit DONs 😉 )

  45. @Crafty: I look like a tornado hit woman with just 4 hrs of sleep. :))

    *Solilo sitting with a placard demanding that Blogadda should publish US based bloggers’interview when it is day time here.*

    @Crafty: {{{Hugs}}}. Your Orange chappals and my fluorescent green ones are a rare combination and doing the work of fireworks with its bright light.

    Ha..ha..ha.. whistling at me? Don’t let Vimmu see this. He is already blaming me for one innocent song that I sang for Ashwathy.

    Me loving the SRK connection. H..h..h..h..Happy!

    @Admin: Thanks blogadda team. 🙂

    @Rashmi: Thanks, Rashu!

    @Crafty: Peshaaaal hugs to Deeps and Crafty bachcha for that SRK connection.

  46. *crafty is skipping when she is hit on the head by roasted channas*

    she looks and spots her sports non-enthusiast detective partner Vimmuuu seated on the wall…she drops the skipping ropes and clambers on the wall with him. both sittng and dangling legs…

    Vimmuuu = did u see the comment i wrote for don silly-lo?

    Crafty = i know…. i saw… that’s why i am glad i gi this chance to sit here with u

    Vimmuuu = oh! why? it was so nice, u felt like being in my presence? :mrgreen:

    Crafty = oh no… just, after Don is through dealing with u , i dunno if i will ever see u again.. in one piece :mrgreen:

    Vimmuuu = aaiyeee….. when did u see me wearing one piece?! i am from a decent family….

    Crafty = 🙄

    Vimmuuu saare….. teere pedikyindaa……. odikyoooooooo

    (don’t be scared….. runnnnnnn……..)


  47. @Nita: Thank you, Nita.

    @Swar: Solilo handing over new, fresh lungis and fluorescent green chappals.

    @Masood: Long post and me? Ha..ha..

    @Crafty: Oh! I just saw the firecracker on the image. So now Blogadda made me a patakhaa for sure.

    —-‘Say NO to firecrackers this Diwali’. Only Soli patakha interview allowed.—

    @Masood: Ha..ha..ha.. 12 mulkon ki police dhoondh rahee thee.

    Blogadda team always researches well going through all yours old posts and prepare the questions.

  48. @ Harish: ROFL!!! haha!
    *joins Harish in song and dance … Don style*

    This is good choice Harish… if we need entry into Don’s den…. the song has to be an SRK one! 😆

  49. @Hitchy: Ha..ha..ha.. yes! I was waiting for Diwali Dhamaka.

    @Crafty: You doing Sridevi number from Mr. India? Ha..ha..ha.. now don’t give ideas to guys.

    @Masood: I am listening to ‘Iktara’ song from Wake up Sid these days. Any dance on that?

    @Rakesh: Monix is handling the bar today. All piyakkads kindly go to the cocktails side. :))

    @Rakesh: Thank you, Rakesh. Let me take a print out of all that. It will come handy when we fight/argue on some post. :))

    @Smita: Thanks dear.

    @IHM: Which post? Blog action day one?

  50. @ Soli: Tee hee Soli….. i had traditional day in office and the sari i borrowed (hunted for desperately at last minute) was blue….. hence the sridevi dance of Mr. India!!!


  51. With Crafty on One Side and Smita on the other side I enter Solilo’s den and guess who I encounter?????

    Vimmmuu doing his danganakka dance! He stops us and wants to check us! Kya Karen??

  52. @N: Yes! all little things in life matters and I believe towards the end we remember only that.

    @Mahmud: Thanks for all the things you wrote. Register and add Blogadda badge to your blog.

    @Smitha: You were the first one to today. *Don ki nazar Admin par hai*

    @OG: Thank you, Aliya!

    @Tara: Et tu, Taru! Arre you didn’t get anyone to pull legs this morning? LOL

    @Harish K: Mwahahahaha Don bahut khush hua.

  53. Soli, ur post on C&H, me just saw!!! Hugsssssss!!! That was perfect! Tee hee!
    *crafty can gush about C&H till the world ends, and even after that*

    *crafty gears into C&H discussion mode right at blogadda premises*

    U know, though it is accepted mostly that Hobbes is calvin’s imagination (coz how he becomes a stuffed toy tiger in presence of others), when bill watterson was interviewed and asked about what is it that he wished to portray / intended… he said that it was not decided…. He left it for the reader to make an assumption whether calvin was imagining hobbes as alive, or it really was true that he came alive only when they were alone… he did not fix it, he doesn’t know what the truth is!!! 😀

    I always believed that hobbes was really a tiger who came alive! Tee hee hee! 😀

    That analogy of how we lead lives as calvin and in times of trouble we wanna be hobbes…sigh! *crafty is cursing geographical distance* *sooper tight hugs*
    That was brilliantly expressed…

  54. @Gauri: Thank you, G. 🙂

    @Monika: Better late than never. 😀 Thank you, Monix.

    @Shail: I am a fan of your writings, Shail and the reason is your are you. Being true to one’s self is very important.

    @Vimmu the DEVIL: An ESSAY!!

    I expected this from you…..Devil. I now write ‘Mwahahaha’. Your spelling is wrong.

    Two left feet? Me? Hey Bhaggu! I am a great dancer.

    You deserve all that and more. Wait now! there is more in store for you. Mwahahahaha..

  55. @ rakesh: AIYO why oh why is dancing next to me risky? *crafty conveniently ignores that she can do some dangerous foot stomping and perilous swirls that can knock ppl few meters off the dance floor*

    craftu will be careful, Rakesh!!!!

    mujhko…kya hua hai…kyun main kho gaya hoon…
    pagal tha main pehele… ya ab ho gaya hoon…
    behki hain nigahe aur bikhare hain baal…
    tumne banaya hai kya apna yeh haal?

    Soli mil gayi…..Rakesh mil gaya…..
    kya bataoon yaaron…. main toh hil gayi….
    Soli mil gayi…….Mil hi gayi……..

  56. @Crafty: Chiffon Saree in rains??? The kid is growing up 🙂

    @Sol: the weather’s started turning Awesome – great time to have a beer on the beach 😀

    And don’t bother printing it out, I mean it… seriously 😛 Ok SERIOUSLY…

  57. 🙂 you are a beautiful person Solz.. your posts are always full of positivity and so is this interview.. I am glad to be reading you.. hope you keep writing and sharing.

  58. @ Harish: so this danganakka dancing vimmuuu wants to security check us eh?

    tell u what…. say something about sports… he will faint! 😆

    *Harish chants few lines on cricket and football*

    Vimmuuu has fallen on the ground in a crash. Harish looks to tell Smita and Crafty then can carry forward, Smita rolls eyes and points at the floor…..

    right next to vimmuuu, crafty lies unconscious too…

    Harish = 🙄 why did she not tell me she is allergic to sports too???!!!

  59. @Crafty: ‘Vimmukutty vittodaaaaaaaaa…’ ala In harihar nagar. LOL

    @Meira: Thank you, Meira.

    @Harish: Why are you always holding Crafty and Smita on both sides? Hmm….? 😉 Ha..ha..ha..

    @Crafty: I love it when directors do that. I had mentioned it on my 15th Park Avenue review post too. I like to analyze these things.

    That is why C & H is one of my favorites. I believe that Hobbes was Calvin’s imagination because Hobbes always has this happy,goofy, fun and relaxing personality. That is Calvin’s way of escaping his mundane life. If you observe little kids then you will notice that they always have an imaginary friend between the ages of 3-5. Even us adults sometimes think out loud and Hobbes for Calvin was the same. That is what I believe. All of us are mixture of C & H.

  60. @ Rakesh: Nahi!!!!! sari is NOT chiffon and there is no sign of rain….

    *Crafty changes back into snoopy print pyjamas and cow print bedroom slippers, and runs off to blow bubbles from her bubble maker bottle*


  61. @Crafty No Idea! *Harish Picks up Smita and carries her on his shoulder, ekdum bollywood ishtyle* .. …..

    On the way we say ‘Hi’ to Meira! Hey Meira, Can you tell us the best way to reach the ‘DOn’?

  62. @Rakesh: Here it is Autumn which is the most beautiful season but also brings unexpected rains. 🙁

    @Taru: You are so sweet. The feelings are mutual.

    @Crafty: Throw that boiled water on Vimmu. The one he boiled himself. Mwahahahaha..

    @Harish: Aapko apni jaan pyaari hai? LOL Wait till Smita comes here with her chappal-joote. She had a post on it too sometime back.

  63. Thanks Harish, Admin and Blogadda team for this honor and my dear friends for all the fun.

    Wish you all a very Happy Diwali! Be safe and enjoy!

  64. The thoughts expressed by each one of us cater to different people. That doesn’t make one mediocre and another intellectual.

    Sigh. I don’t know what to say but HUGS! How true, and so underrated…
    Why categorise at all? Really well said Soli!

    U know Soli, u r beautiful inside out! Am so glad to know u… ((((cuddle hugs)))

  65. Soli… yes yes! i will agree…we are a mix of Calvin and Hobbes in us! 😀 😀

    and imaginary friend!!! 😀 as a kid, mom says, i had imaginary pet dogs!!!! 😀

  66. Each one of them is precious and unique in their own way. They make me laugh, they make me cry, and they make me ponder. We are one big happy virtual family.

    Aiyo!! Sniff…. *wiping nose on Soli’s long sweater sleeve like in the pic*
    Soli…. Hugssss! It does feel like that, and u are one of the mostest loved blog samaaj members!!!! Muahs!!!

    *crafty seats herself on Soli’s lap while soli is dialing 911 for emergency knee cap dislocation rescue*

  67. Welcoming a girl child to the world, educating her and encouraging her to confidently face the world are the first steps towards women empowerment. Empowerment will come only with education.

    I ought to note down so many of ur thoughts Soli, ur thoughts and the way u express it is beautiful. Again, this was so well said and so true… it’s a pity, we have the audacity to say “India Shining” when the basic rights of freedom and expression are refuted to women. And this school of thought is also carried by so-called-educated society too..

    Education and independence… the only refuge a woman needs to overcome these evils of suppression. But as u said, the first step starts at her home, where she is born…. Coz that’s where she will get her confidence…

    I have read few stories at No Gender Inequality, its so inspiring to read of these…
    Yes, even the smallest voice can impact, and I wanna do the same as you! In whatever way possible! hugssss

  68. Till we settle, we will remain wanderers creating wonderful memories for our child. Home is where the heart is and my heart is where we make memories.

    i got misty-eyed on this one soli!!!! how lucky peanut is!! i have said this a million times,and its not enough.. she is one lucky daughter, and u guys are lucky parents too..with a princess like her! and in spite of u putting that hilarious post of how u are not a good parent….. we al know u are… an inspiration! like IHM and Smithu and Deeps!!!

    Amen to a beautiful set of memories for peanut and amen to ur dream of settling in Kerala!

    u know, i feel i have connected and had pride on my culture, and known so much more from interactions with you, EOG, vimmuuu….. more than i ever did at home or thru relatives!!!! 😀


  69. Raat Baaki…
    Baat Baaki…

    hona hai jo…
    Ho jaane do…

    Kaun Kaun maujud hai ??

    Hitchy is back… Sol’s you there ??

    Crafty ?? Gaana ab gaayenge…

    Harish ab nachenge…!!!!!!!

  70. @ hitchu: let the dance begin!!!!!!!

    Raat ke dhai baje…. koi shenai baje…
    blogadda ki comments section main…. bloggers ki mehfil saje!

    pehli baar interview ki hai…soli ne…..!!!!!!!!!

    😀 😀 😀

  71. Crafty – The interview is impressive na… !!

    she speaks so sensibly…

    I am sure some nobel prize winner has been hired by Don’s goonda’s to speak for her…

    and did you see the way she still is flaunting that Diamond … !! and the pic… in complete Italian mafia style….

    sigh… so much OOOOOMPH !!!!! 😛 😛 😛

  72. @ hitchu: yes, undisputably the don with max ooomph!! 😀

    the interview is awesome! yes yes yes!!!!!!!!

    partner, we were not to talk of the dark secrets of this interview out loud

    DIAMOND! how can anyone miss that?

    *craft sitting at 3am with sunglasses and looking like Stevie Wonder, thank’s to soli’s rock-on-a-ring*


  73. Loved reading this…..there is so much assurance & clarity in ur thoughts Solilo.

    “Welcoming a girl child to the world, educating her and encouraging her to confidently face the world are the first steps towards women empowerment. Empowerment will come only with education.”

    Words so full of Hope. Progress will be slow but we’ll get there eventually. But in the meantime we need to hear this again & again & again!!!!!!!

    And once again, great Interview Solilo…..keep ’em coming 🙂

  74. Ailaa Blogadda tumhare pair kaha hai *sakshi scrolling right down to the bottom only to realize that Blogadda has privacy policy for someone touching their feet 🙁 * Maa Kasam phirsht time aisa Don ka jalakh dikhaya hai jo rapchick bhi hai aur bheja fry bhi (in case there are no hindi readers here the english translation means beauty with brains no?) :mrgreen:

    Don Congrats and I know I am too late and under 88 heavy weight champions 😯 to say that the interview was ek dum mast..pataka!!! 😛 loved every line of it, even the Dec 13 starting date of blogging!!!

    Great to know that you are a nomad 🙂 *sakshi dressed up in rented sridevi Banjaran yellow flowing skirt with a stolen Akaru from the UAE Sheikh sings* Teri Banjaran….rasta dekhe…kab aayega Soli Banjare….

    Just one complaint though and that is towards Blogadda – Why do you guys indulge in discrimination against Indians who had their brain drained to USA and publish interviews at an unearthly (read when husband is home) hours?? I missed on all the fun…sobs!!!

    Congrats once again Do…do…do….Don!!!

  75. Did someone say Diamonds??? 😯

    Don now that we all have done the dancing who gets the Diamond as Tofha for the best costume? 🙂 remember I practised fully all the skills you taught us as a Don and stole the Akaru of the Sheikh right from under his pillow from his 18th palace to wear for your celebration party :mrgreen:

  76. @Crafty: “You are beautiful inside out.” I like that. 😀 That’s not a sweater but you can wipe your nose as long as you promise not to break my knees. 😀
    You can guest post on NGI, Crafty. It is a small initiative but then we had to start somewhere.

    I never thought I would ever think of settling in Kerala one day even though I loved my summer vacations there. Now I am closer and more attached to the place.

    @Hitchy: Sorry! I was out when you arrived here. With Obama’s Nobel now I have hope too. One day..may be..just for starting blog. LOL

    Oye! read my reply above. I am not flaunting it. It was a casual picture. One part got cut so it looks that way.

    @Nancy: Thank you, Nancy. We can do that. You have 2 girls and I have 1.

    @Sakshi: Rapchick aur bheja fry. LOL no translation. Original is good.

    Two banjarans gali gali hafta vasooli karenge.

  77. Ofcourse you cant apply for a noble… they are giving it away to every one… !!!!!

    we are better here….

    Stars like us are interviewed on Blog Adda….. we no need no NOBLE !!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  78. Congrats Solilo dear! I’m reading this on the go as I’m on my way out with the family and so will read ur interview soon! but, thrilled to see you being recognised and rewarded! Keep up the great blogging! 🙂

    Lots of love!!!

  79. awesome interview, sols!!! hi-5!!! loved it 🙂 very matter-of-fact… as u are i guess! 😀

    now time to do the danganakka???? * me looks around for crafty *

  80. I am very happy to see this interview. It’s about time when the hidden talent is openly recognized. Reena, as I know, you are a very down to earth and speak-from-the-heart person. We used to talk for hours and still find your conversation interesting. When we meet next time, we will talk about the blogging only 🙂

  81. @Suji: Thank you.

    @Hitchy: Oye! it is Nobel. 😀

    @Indy: Thanks you dear. Have a good break.

    @Ashwathy: Thank you, Manoranjini! *cue for Vimmu* LOL

    @Shruti: Thanks.

    @Sakhi: Thanks Sakhi!

    @Vishal: Thanks Vishal. It was nice talking to you and G today.

  82. @Hitchy Aaja Nachle, Aaaja nachle 🙂 Kal Type karte karte so gaya, kisi ki ghor saazish thi mujhe rokne ke liye. aur jab main utha, Alibag ke beach main letha padha tha!!

    @Solilo Main aa raha hu, Kitne tu bhi karle sitam, comment karke sahenge hum, yeh honsla na hoga kam, don teri kasam 😛

    @Smita Aap kaha ho?

    @crafty Dance Dance!

  83. @ Ash & Hitchu: It’s past 12….Crafty is up and about!!!! haan, toh what song is playing now? doesn’t matter!!!! i can dance to anything 😆

    @ Harish: what a wonderful saazish ka shikaar u have become!!! weekend at Alibagh is it?????? 😀

    @ Soli: This song must be put here in wait of Indyeah KRS…

    Anhoni ko honi karde…honi ko anhoni..
    Ek jagah jab jamaa ho teenon….
    Indyeah, Crafty…aur Soliloooni!!!!!!!


  84. Wonderful interview Solilo..
    Every reply you gave was special..
    As Smitha said, its difficult to point out the best point in the interview..

  85. Superb interview Solilo… 🙂 clear thoughts… awesome thoughts and enjoyed it a lot…

    and your answer is home is really nice.. I liked it a lot… and also on all the questions..

    Cheers… 🙂 🙂

    its time to celebrate … 😀 😀

  86. @Mystery: Thank you.

    @Maya: Thanks Maya for correcting. I watched it long time back and didn’t exactly remember it.

    @Kanagu: Thanks sweetie. Celebrations…Happy Diwali!

  87. all i do is staff off blogs for a few days and look wat all i miss!! hmph..

    thats a great interview Sol. i liked every bit of it. like i said earlier, u are now in the league of the (rich? and ) famous.. 🙂

  88. This is a beautiful interview, Solilo! I wanted to read this leisurely and comment and too my time!

    I always have wondered how you select apt words to express yourself, so nicely.

    Now, let me write about which lines I admired most:

    ‘First and foremost, no one visits a place where they feel unwelcome, be it home or blog. If one doesn’t like much interaction then it is totally their choice but critiquing someone else’s blog will only make you look envious and show you in poor light.’

    ‘Empowerment will come only with education.’ I always felt so.

    ‘I don’t believe in everything today is bad and all of yesterday was good. Nostalgia is good but I think people go overboard critiquing present and appreciating past. To see the beauty of the present we should start living in the present. ‘ Yes, Solilo.

    “Never let go” This post of yours, is a gem.

    ‘There are strangers everywhere and I have to adapt to the new place.’ I am not able to get along with many things, here in Chennai or in Bangalore or in Udupi. Likewise I like many things in all these places too! I too can live anywhere.

    I liked your thought about religion. People who are truly religious, follow it at home.

    Rain man… I have seen this movie many times and and many other movies of Dustin Hoffman. I am not able to digest many old movies, which I had admired some 20 years ago. But Guru Dutt’s movies can be admired even after 20 years from now. Everytime we watch his movie, we notice new new angles in it.

    Bharath ek khoj…this serial came, I think, during the period of Ramayan series and we were addicted to both.

    Thank you …now I know a great celebrity, who is not glamorous, but a beautiful human being!

  89. 🙂 That was a great interview Sols..I don’t know which answer did I like the best..All I can say is that you are a Don,a real Don of blogosphere…And yes,nice snap 🙂

  90. Hi solilo,

    Congratulations. That was a great interview, with such beautiful answers. Yup! even i never thought I would think of settling down in kerala ever as the only connection was the summer vacations. But as you rightly put it I feel an attachment to that place now. Keep the flag flying solilo. It gives so much happiness to see your blog being recognised and celebrated.

    take care

  91. I am very late in congratulating you here, but wanted to read the interview in one ago and at peace.. found time just now and throughly liked what I read.. to me, the interview seems like a formal, grand projection of what your blog and writing is all about: clarity.. Congratulations once again.. 🙂

  92. Hi Solilo, Congratulations!!! I very often see you at Sandhya(Maradhi Manni),have been wanting to visit you ,am glad that i did.Recently i had a post on my blog declaring that i will not be blogging any more because it was getting difficult to keep up with posts as i have two little ones in my hand…Sandhya commented and cited your example and made me see things see in a new light as i was very confused….two weeks back i turned it into a group blog…Since than i wanted to visit your blog and finally it happened today.
    I loved your interview and really liked your advice..”.BE YOUR SELF.”..a lot.I am glad that you don’t believe in grading the blogs and value each and every visitor .I can go on and on…..but gotta go and find light green crayon -my daughter can’t find it and her art teacher wants that particular color right now.I am one of your fan now.See you.

  93. I am a nomad. The growing up years as an Air Force Officer’s daughter in different camps took me to various places and each place was home to me. I think that one feels like an outsider till one wants to be. It is okay to value your traditions and culture but it won’t harm you to adapt to the lifestyle and respect your host state/country. Till we make an effort to know the country/state and its people, we will remain an outsider.
    and yet how few of us make this effort hai na SOls?
    Hello O’ fellow nomad! 😀

    dont twist my ears or gimme a glare 😛
    your lil sis is late but with good reason
    *looks to see if the emosionaal angle is working*

    proud of you 🙂
    beautifully expressed thoughts…clear and concise….

    agree with everything…each one of your thoughts here Sols…
    on religion, gender inequality….and being open to change……

    the ‘be yourself’ advice is the best one SOls…honesty is the only thing that works…and you are proof…

    Does discussing world peace make one intellectual?
    I remember a few instances like the one you have talked about 😀

    jealousy, envy…A dislikes B B dislikes C and so it goes on…
    crazy world I tell ya!

    oh!did I say beautiful pic ? ! 😀 😀
    but I already know that 😀
    coz you look like a collegegurl in the one I have seen 😉

    seriously …really glad to have met you here SOls…however virtual this world might be…you have now become the most cherished friend. for a lifetime… 🙂

    you are one of a kind 🙂
    really and truly….

    a wise friend who really is a kid at heart 🙂
    the chatter thats a part of you 🙂 then listening calmly..the maturity and the pouting..(you do pout 😛 )
    love you SOls 🙂

    oye night owl! come soon and read this comment and give me a pat 😛
    read each and every word coz how could I not?:) its yours na baba! 🙂

    adios! 😛 from one night owl to another …but only till you come back from vacations 🙂

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