Invitation For Fun At Timezone, Malad, Mumbai

Rains have arrived with style in Mumbai. While some of us enjoy indoors with books & coffee, it is fun to go out for a lot many. Don’t we all look out for a nice place that we and our family can spend together and have fun? Let us help you with one. Timezone Malad – The leading family entertainment centre known for its high octane interactive arcade games for families and kids.

Experience Fun At Timezone Malad

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A Rare Musical Treat Awaits You!

Culture and music are two things that can be the best form of entertainment for kids at any point of time. It is entertaining for kids and it gives them a break from their regular schedule. It will not just make your child aware about various genres of music but also give them valuable learning of our rich culture. So how about spending a weekday with kids being a part of Grand Finale 2 of Max Life Insurance i-genius Young Singing Stars?

Max Life Igenius

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Take a peek into the future at the Reliance Retirement Fund meet!

Regardless of age, retirement is a thought that doesn’t come to most people’s minds, and even if it does, it gets pushed to the back of their mind. Consequently, most people don’t think of retirement savings till they have more grey hair than they can count on their fingers.

But we know you to be smarter than that. We know you can plan for the future even if you can’t predict it. We know you want to live a life of dignity and pleasure well into your sunset years.


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