AddaTales – “What Do You Want?” The Santa Asked.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…! This song is the reminder of Santa’s homecoming isn’t it? This time again, Santa is all ready to touch our hearts with warm gifts and his presence. To celebrate Christmas with love we gave an exciting #AddaTales prompt “What Do You Want?” The Santa Asked and yet again our story tellers wove a beautiful tale to commemorate the joy of Christmas. Read below this amazing Santa story that will definitely touch your heart and will make you feel the warmth of this season!


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AddaTales – “When We Went Camping”

What’s more exciting than planning a road trip, an outing or a getaway? Well, all these things surely excites us to the core, doesn’t it? This week’s #AddaTales prompt was “When We Went Camping” and let’s see what are writers have woven about the same. What happened when they headed for camping? How was the experience? Let’s read this story by our twitteratis woven just with ten tweets!


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AddaTales – “Revenge Was On His Mind”

Hello beautiful people! This Saturday at our #AddaTales session we rolled out a prompt that was “Revenge Was On His Mind” on which our enthusiastic story weavers took active participation. Imagine if someone has daunting thoughts on his mind to take revenge. What would that person do? Execute the revenge he had contemplated on or not? Find out in our today’s tale woven by these excellent story tellers!


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AddaTales – “I Realized I Am A Wizard”

Ever imagined that suddenly you have the power of magic in your hands? When the wizard in you displays supernatural deeds. This week #AddaTales prompt was “I Realized I Am A Wizard” where it poured all about magical powers and the spell it casts. As usual our twitter bees rolled out an enchanting tale and created magic. Let’s read the story that enunciates the realization of being a wizard that take different turn of events!


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AddaTales: “I Heard A Knock On The Door At 12 Midnight”

Knock! Knock! Who is it at the door at such an ungodly hour? Suddenly lot of questions gush into your mind. Is it the person known? Or the stranger who wants to be known? Heart beats tend to raise, your brain ceases and all the circulation dwindles. This week’s AddaTales prompt was “I Heard A Knock On The Door At 12 Midnight” and as usual our twitter bees wove a gripping tale. Read and enjoy this week’s #AddaTales. Yes, its time to share the story from our twitter story writing session!


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AddaTales – “When I Sent Him A Friend Request”

Gone are those days when hand written letters or a trunk call were the mediums to sustain relationships. In this digital era, virtual world plays an eminent role to decide our friendship goals. Where with just one click you become friends with people known or strangers you want to know. Social platforms have played an ardent role in our communication sphere. This week’s #AddaTales prompt was “When I Sent Him A Friend Request” where it brimmed all about friend zone and its anticipations.  As usual, our twitter bees created an enlightening tale that enunciated the excitement and anxieties created by sending a friend request. Here is this gripping tale at your perusal.


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