Share The Load, Multiply Love! Join Ariel India’s #ShareTheLoad Movement

Times of crisis bring people closer. They push us to play roles unimagined and to be the best versions of ourselves in every little moment. In the current difficult times, all of us have been doing things that we probably didn’t do earlier or did very little of it. While a lot of women did more than what they did earlier, men joined in to help in domestic chores. Ariel India celebrates this and invites you to join their #ShareTheLoad movement.

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Share YOUR Way Of Being Healthy

Everyone wants to be healthy and yet we struggle with it a lot. To be healthy, you worry about the extra time which you will have to take out in your life or the morning sleep you will have to sacrifice for that yoga class. Being healthy might also mean that you will have to sacrifice your food and switch to a diet you don’t like. You almost feel judged whether you are doing enough. And then with these thoughts in your mind, health becomes this difficult pursuit resulting in a constant struggle to make it a part of everyday life.

Saffola - Share YOUR way of being healthy

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Love Jatao To Our Grandparents

“A grandparent is someone with silver in their hair and gold in their heart”

Grandparents are epitome of unconditional appetite for love and unending tolerance for mischief! They bring joy to our life with their beaming smiles and hugs.  Unfortunately, the busy life that we live today,  makes it difficult to spend as much time with our grandparents as we would have liked.

Fortunately, we have Grandparents day coming up on September 10, 2017 and let’s #LoveJatao and make this day a special one. And remember, we don’t want only this day to be a special one, but the start of many such days.

Parachute Advansed Love Jatao Grandparents Day

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Share Your Story Of A Half Relationship – #HalfGirlfriend

A relationship is complete when both people involved are committed to each other. But what is a half relationship? The way in which two people regard each other is paramount to decide the status of their relationship. A half relationship is a relationship where the boy/girl are more than friends, but are still to commit themselves to each other. It could be because one person is not ready for it or is unsure or because both have a different focus at that stage in life.

Half Girlfriend

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