Tangy Tuesday Picks – July 20, 2021

Hello bloggers!

We hope you had a great start to this week. The weather in Mumbai is cold, dark, and murkier as if nature is responding – ‘Sit back there’s more rain coming soon.’ While we await more rain, we at BlogAdda are here with our weekly picks and a message – ‘Sit back and enjoy your reading time.’ During such weather, it is so much fun and cozy to read the awesome blog posts from Indian bloggers, and you are always caught up in one question – What to read next? Let us read this weeks Tangy Tuesday Picks.

What To Read Next? - Tangy Tuesday Picks - July 20, 2021
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Tangy Tuesday Picks – July 13, 2021

Yesterday, the monsoon havoc was in full swing. The intense lighting that took place in Jaipur killed 11 people and many got injured. Meanwhile, in the north, heavy rainfall lead to flash floods in Himachal Pradesh and landslides in Uttarakhand. Our heart goes out to people who lost their lives in this. No matter how tough this week goes, face every challenging task with courage and start again new. This week for our Tangy Tuesday Picks, we have curated blogposts that will definitely help you to learn and educate on some topics. Let’s check the best of this week.

The Best Of This Week - Tangy Tuesday Picks - July 13, 2021
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Tangy Tuesday Picks – June 29, 2021

While social distancing is keeping us apart physically from our loved ones and friends, blogging helps us to get closer to more people with a conversational insight. Many people want to blog but are held back from putting fingers to keyboards and writing. They worry that they have nothing to say, or think that they arent good enough writers. Let’s put this fear aside, and get ready to unleash your blog on the world. We make sure blogging and reading find their place in your day and bring you this week’s must read blogposts.

This Week's Must Read - Tangy Tuesday Picks - June 29,2021
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