Tangy Tuesday Picks – July 20, 2021

Hello bloggers!

We hope you had a great start to this week. The weather in Mumbai is cold, dark, and murkier as if nature is responding – ‘Sit back there’s more rain coming soon.’ While we await more rain, we at BlogAdda are here with our weekly picks and a message – ‘Sit back and enjoy your reading time.’ During such weather, it is so much fun and cozy to read the awesome blog posts from Indian bloggers, and you are always caught up in one question – What to read next? Let us read this weeks Tangy Tuesday Picks.

What To Read Next? - Tangy Tuesday Picks - July 20, 2021

Who: Hansa Kajaria 
What: Pomodoro Technique Of Time Management 
Why: Pomodoro Technique lets you break your workday into 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks. This technique is popular and life-changing power time management. Hop on to Hansa’s blogpost to know more. 

Who: Raksha Kamat 
What: Breadfruit Rava Fry Recipe 
Why: Also known as Neerpanas or Neerphanas is a traditional Goan breadfruit recipe, not known to many. Do read this blogpost by Raksha to know its benefits and get your hands on this delicious pan-fried Breadfruit recipe. 

Who: Aditi Kapur 
What: A Woman In The Mirror 
Why: While horror short stories may not scream stress relief” this story will reward us with full-body thrills. If you are in a mood for some chills, go ahead and read this short story by Aditi. 

Who: Rakhi Parsai 
What: Top Monsoon Skincare Tips 
Why: During monsoon season, it is important to keep your skin dry yet moisturized to prevent fungal and bacterial infections. Here are some top tips by Rakhi to help you maintain a skincare routine and healthy skin. 

Who: Fabida Abdulla
What: Ways To Reuse Medicine Bottles 
Why: Recycling some medicine bottles can be challenging so instead of throwing them away completely in the garbage, try these fun craft ideas. Check out this curated list by Fabida. 

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