WOW: Tell Us About Your Bucket List

‘Stop dreaming about your bucket list and start living it’ – Annette White. Ever wonder why do we make a bucket list? What makes the thing so important to put it on the list? Should your bucket list be long or short? Do we even need it? This week’s WOW will get your creative juices flowing like a good brainstorming session.

Write Over Weekend: Tell Us About Your Bucket List

We feel we have a lot of time ahead of us – a new day, a new season, a new year, a whole lifetime with us to do things we love. Then the ‘real life’ takes over, and we start focusing more on our daily routine/goals and less on goals for fun, excitement, and stress relief.

During these uncertain times, the bucket list concept is now niche down to mere things that can be completed easily within hours. We may not feel to write our things to do before we die lists. There is enough grief, isolation, and economic crises so many of us are going through. Some may only be able to write one thing: Get through to the end of this day. Some are listing down things they want to do in the post-pandemic world and eagerly waiting for the day to arrive. 

For this WOW edition, we would like you to ‘Tell us about your bucket list.’ Do you have one? If yes, tell us about your bucket list items, either waiting to be accomplished or already checked off the list. Share a one or two in detail. What are you experiencing, facing, and dealing with while trying to complete? If you have no bucket list as of yet, go ahead, create one and write about it.

Remember to submit your blogpost before Sunday midnight to be eligible as a valid entry and win a chance to display the WOW badge proudly on your blog and social networks.

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Happy Blogging! 🙂

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