Convert Your Sundays Into SON-days! Join Ariel India’s Sons #ShareTheLoad Movement

In the latest edition of the #ShareTheLoad movement, Ariel asks yet another relevant question: Are we teaching our sons what we are teaching our daughters?, based on an uncomfortable truth that’s so true for today. Ariel believes that one of the most important factor today in household inequality is that sons of today should be equipped with the knowledge and attitude to share the load. While it isn’t true currently, this needs to change and here we want the sons of India to convert Sundays into SON-days!

Convert Your Sundays Into SON-days! Join Ariel India's Sons #ShareTheLoad Movement
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E-Summit 2019 – E-Cell, VIT

E-Summit’19 is the annual Entrepreneurship Fest organised by E-Cell, VIT which opens the doors to the world of business. With its exclusive class of exhilarating events, wonderful workshops, exciting expos and the perfect panel of spectacular  speakers, E-Summit will definitely prove to be a once in a lifetime experience that will be carved in your hearts and minds forever.

E-Summit 2019 - E-Cell, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
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Tatva Moksh Lakshya (TML) – SIES Graduate School Of Technology

Experience fascination and excitement at SIES Graduate School Of Technology, as the engineering college, celebrates it’s 11th annual cultural and sports festival – Tatva Moksh Lakshya (TML) from 8th to 10th  March 2019. This year the theme of the fest is “ASIA”. One can immerse in the magical Asian rhapsody portraying cultures of all Asian countries during these 3 days.

Tatva Moksh Lakshya (TML) - SIES Graduate School Of Technology
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Techkriti – IIT Kanpur

Techkriti, Asia’s largest technical and entrepreneurial festival organized by IIT Kanpur, marks a symbol of creation or innovation in technology. Many interesting workshops, fascinating shows, enthralling talks, informal events, intriguing exhibitions, and exciting competitions together construct the face of technical innovation. The four days of the festival attract footfall of over 40,000 from around 1500 prestigious colleges all over the world. The fest, after completing its 24th anniversary in March 2018, celebrates its silver jubilee from March 7, 2019, to March 10, 2019. 

Techkriti 2019: IIT Kanpur Asia’s largest technical & entrepreneurial festival
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