Writer’s block!

Wikipedia describes the Writer’s Block as ‘a condition associated with writing as a profession in which an author loses the ability to produce new work.’ Every writer at some point faces this condition, be it an ideator, journalist, author or a blogger. This at times occurs when you run out of inspiration or creativity. A blogger always strives to write what others don’t & make his/her content valuable to others. So, it is necessary that a blogger is always ready with something for his/her readers. A writer’s block traps your ideas somewhere, refusing to come out through words.

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“This happened today…” : Blogging An Event

There is a point in every blogger’s life when the blog starts to feel like an extension of their self. You’ve done time staring at a blank screen, trying to think of something just so the topmost post on your blog won’t date back to a month ago. You’ve started seeing future posts in the everyday occurrences of your life. Suddenly you realize that, at work or traveling or talking, you catch yourself thinking, “Can blog about this ”. That, my dear friend, signals the fact that you are well and truly a blogger by identity now! 🙂

No matter what your blog is about, at some point of time, you’ll have (or at least consider) an event that you want to post. It could be a friend’s wedding, a blogger meet, a press conference, a music concert or even a short vacation. Blogging about a one-time event is a special case and has its own unique tricks.

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Reader Devo Bhava!

I believe that the audience is an integral part of any artist′s performance. In the case of a writer (or specifically, the blogger), the readers play this role. Any blogger who says that they don’t care about readers, has to be lying. If you didn’t care, you’d write in a private diary, not on a website visible to the whole connected world! So you can see why a blogger needs to establish a tangible connection with his/her readers. A good blogger ensures that his/her content is fresh, top-quality and recent. A great blogger goes the extra mile by thinking about how to make the blog, a real experience for the reader.

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Blogger Profiles: Creating An Identity For Your Blog

When I find myself grappling with a problem, especially a creative one, I go back to my basics, my fundamental assumptions. New ideas usually emerge from there. While thinking about what to talk about in this column for bloggers, I went back to my first post listing the basic 10 essentials for a blog. And in that, I found my answer.

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The Internet Undesirables

I’ve discussed ways to protect your privacy but those are not foolproof. In every case, your own judgment is your best bet. If you’re stepping out of your house, you should know about the dangers that could befall you. Similarly, if you’re on the internet, you’d do well to be mindful of its pitfalls. Even if you don’t always have a way to avoid them, forewarned is forearmed. Here are some of the strange creatures you might meet in the dark alleys of the internet:

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Group Blogging: Be Part Of An Online Community

They say there’s strength in numbers. The worth of your blog is defined by its visibility, its loyal readership and its fan base. We’ll look at how to measure & monitor these in detail, in a future post. But before that, let’s look at one way to expand your blogging presence.

I started with one blog, back in 2004. A year later, I had expanded that to five different blogs (a chick-blog, a review blog, an office-stories blog, a poetry/confessional blog and my ‘main’ blog). Yet another year later, I found myself wondering how I could grow in this medium and in my craft (of writing). The answer came to me in the form of group blogs.

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