Writer’s block!

Wikipedia describes the Writer’s Block as ‘a condition associated with writing as a profession in which an author loses the ability to produce new work.’ Every writer at some point faces this condition, be it an ideator, journalist, author or a blogger. This at times occurs when you run out of inspiration or creativity. A blogger always strives to write what others don’t & make his/her content valuable to others. So, it is necessary that a blogger is always ready with something for his/her readers. A writer’s block traps your ideas somewhere, refusing to come out through words.

But there is always a way out to it. If you are standing at such a crossroad; the multi directions are: Google some ideas, write something different or come back later!

If you start walking towards the first direction, you will find many bloggers along way. If you choose the second then you are losing out on your style of writing. If you choose the third direction then you might come out with a fresh idea but it can also happen that you forget about posting something altogether. And as it is wisely modified by BlogAdda, “Kal post kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab!”;)

So, now that we (you’re in right?) have decided to post as soon as this article is done reading with, we will give you some saviour tips when you are facing a writer’s block!

Now, here is what you can do when you feel saturated:

1. Find out different types of blog posts written. Here are some examples:

  • Interview someone who is established in your niche and record it as well. You could put the recording along with a transcript on your blog posts.
  • Report an event that happened recently in your niche with some interesting analysis. You could even write interesting analysis about an event that happened a few years ago and how it is affecting your readers now. Further, you could predict an impact of an event that occurred just a few days back or an event that you think may happen in the future.
  • Write a solution to something that your readers find a hindrance at most times. You can even write a tutorial on the same in a step-by-step format. Tutorials are a great way to help your readers find a lot of value.
  • Your readers always look for something that will help them grow. If you could go through previous comments mentioned on your blog by your readers, you can figure out what your readers are looking forward to from you.
  • You could write blog posts mentioning lists. For instance, “Top 10 XYZ ” or “Most liked movies of the year”. These are posts that describe your rating towards a specific idea, person or business that will be termed HOT by your readers.

2. Always make a list. Before you even find your self stranded without an idea that you find worth mentioning within your blog posts, make sure you make a lists of sources from where you would be able to carve fresh ideas all the time within your niche. Not only that, keep a ready list within an excel sheet for the next 10 -20 ideas that you are going to write. Keep updating it whenever you find time to do so.

3. Another alternative is you could ask someone else to give you fresh ideas on writing blog posts. Though this is something you can do on your own, it drives a new perspective to your mind and your blogs’ content strategy especially when you have run out of fresh ideas.

4. You might want to address a social issue which bothers you or an uncommon and less known disease condition which you are aware of.

5. At times, you might also want to do compilation of  things you like the most. For example if you like stamps then research about it, take images & collate it in one post. Do link back to the sources. Collating everything in one place is also useful to the readers.

6. Go back to your earlier posts and see if you have mentioned about something which has been updated lately. For instance, if you have gone for a trip to your hometown or anywhere else and have visited that place again or plan to, then update your readers about it.

7. Write a fiction story. You might be guessing how to think of a story if you are already facing writer’s block. Its simple! Take a situation of your or your friends/relatives’ life and get into your imagination mode. Imagine yourself as carrying a magic wand like that of Harry Potter or being a Vampire from Twilight! 😛 Create that magic, thriller or murder story and pen it down. Readers would love the once in a while fiction break!

8. Post some pictures. Whenever you go wordless then one way out also is to post a picture that catches your eye.

Never be afraid to ask a question to your readers or anyone else. Write what you are most comfortable writing. Keep a diary where you can write ideas and give your self some time to ponder over fresh ideas that come to mind. Lastly, if nothing happens, you could take give yourself enough time and space so that you come up with fresh original ideas instead of forcing your self to work against the grain. Have a healthy blogging life!

Do let us know if you have any other saviour tips. 🙂

8 Replies to “Writer’s block!”

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  2. Thanks Blogadda, this helped,
    but i suppose googling will take us to web pages & contents which give the direction & content, but an author may feel that the content is not his originally/totally.

  3. These are all practical tips for Bloggers. Some i’ve applied without knowing they are way-outs to writer’s bloc, hehe. Another thing i always do is try to finish the many unfinished articles in my draft folder.. 🙂

  4. That’s a wonderful post on how to blog regularly. 🙂

    I had a habit of making drafts and whenever I created drafts, I became lazy and never blogged them. I have now got into a habit of keeping it to scheduled instead of Drafts so that I work on the upcoming post. 😀

  5. I use wordpress itself whenever I get an idea. As I might not immediate access to excel, I open wordpress admin and create a post and save as draft. The next time I can easily see the list of post ideas which I have to create. Not sure if others got a better idea 🙂

  6. It is very great post for define the writing tips, as all know blogadda is one of the great platform form beginner. Thanks

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