The BlogAdda Weekly: The Unexpected


Good morning! This time at “The BlogAdda Weekly” we bring to you a new story. As the new year has started unfolding its new chapters, let’s dive into the world of fresh and beautiful stories. Life is unpredictable at certain points and we are going to talk about the same. So, put on your reading glasses and get ready to read “The Unexpected Gift” which is a touching story and will make your heart melt!

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The BlogAdda Weekly: Power Of – Part 4


Hello to all you lovely readers! As this year is near to its closure, we bring you the last story from this month’s The BlogAdda Weekly series. This entire month we highlighted powers of different kinds and their impact in our lives. This time we will spell the Power Of Help through an interesting story. Let’s snuggle this year in our hearts with immense love and powers that reflect goodness. Read this inspiring story on help!

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The BlogAdda Weekly: Power Of – Part 3


Hi cuties! We know you must be busy with all the festive preparations and decor. The joy of Christmas and new year’s eve is about to spread its adorable vibe soon. With your laptop on and various screens open for work, take some time out and read this week’s another story from The BlogAdda Weekly series. Last week we brought you story that spoke about Power Of Forgiveness, this time we bring to you the strength and power unity holds. Yes, this time its about the Power Of Unity that can turn things upside down for good. Get ready for some marvellous read!


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The BlogAdda Weekly: Power Of – Part 1


Hi lovelies, let’s welcome December with open arms and heart full of content and joy. Life is filled with momentous things and the power it bestows you with is commendable. This time at our The BlogAdda Weekly series we will be enunciating the power of most sacred practice called ‘Prayer’ and its culmination. We humans often end up in despair when faced with quandaries. We would like to affirm the potential of prayer in our lives. An earnest hope or belief that all your gremlins will come to end very soon. Let’s forget all our hassles and believe in the radiance of prayer power with this month’s series “Power Of Prayer – Part 1” and continue to embrace our thoughts!


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The BlogAdda Weekly: Love It Is – Part 4

Of Brother And Sister

Hello all the people in love with their fondest bonds in life. This month at BlogAdda it rained love thoroughly and enlightened us about the precious relationships we nurture in our lives. We are celebrating the most impeccable bond called ‘love’ in our The BlogAdda Weekly series through our woven stories. Last week we commemorated the purest fusion of love between mother and son. This week we are all excited to reflect love between brother and sister entwined in its spectacular form. Let’s wrap up this month by bidding a sweet and full of love goodbye through ‘Love It Is – Of Brother And Sister Part – 4’ and snuggle it in our hearts forever. Read this heart warming short story of brother and sister!


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The BlogAdda Weekly: Love It Is – Part 3

Of Mother And Son

Hello all beautiful people out there. This month BlogAdda is in full swing to celebrate the bond of love of different kinds. In our last week’s ‘Love It Is – Of Husband And Wife Part – 2’  we shared an inspiring tale of love, that manifested the importance and purity of love. This week we raise a toast to love between mother and son. The adulation mother holds in her heart and doting feelings of son is one of its kind. The joy of affiliation between mother and son is God’s blessing that radiates immense fondness for each other. This time let’s celebrate this tie of love that is eternal. Let’s overwhelm our hearts with this week’s ‘Love It Is – Of Mother And Son Part – 3’ and celebrate this fusion!


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