The BlogAdda Weekly: Love It Is – Part 4

Of Brother And Sister

Hello all the people in love with their fondest bonds in life. This month at BlogAdda it rained love thoroughly and enlightened us about the precious relationships we nurture in our lives. We are celebrating the most impeccable bond called ‘love’ in our The BlogAdda Weekly series through our woven stories. Last week we commemorated the purest fusion of love between mother and son. This week we are all excited to reflect love between brother and sister entwined in its spectacular form. Let’s wrap up this month by bidding a sweet and full of love goodbye through ‘Love It Is – Of Brother And Sister Part – 4’ and snuggle it in our hearts forever. Read this heart warming short story of brother and sister!


“Naina will be here in sometime. She has prepared all the delicacies herself. I’m sure you are going to like it. She loves cooking, our daughter is extremely talented. We are really proud of her, she knows all the household chores and handles them immaculately,” my mother kept on chanting praises about me.

“Naina, come here my child. Ajay’s parents are waiting to see you dear,” my mother called out for me.

I stood there inside the kitchen, my hands clenched on the curtains tightly. I wished that the whole world comes to cease, except me and I could escape somewhere far away from all this. Yes, I had turned 21 and according to my parents it’s the ideal age for a girl to get married. I mean I know 18 is the age you are ought to be a major, but is there anything like this ‘an ideal age for marriage’ that exists, really? This question remained persistent in my mind since I turned 10 year old. I had seen my cousins getting trapped in this drama of marriage. Where few adjusted, few cribbed still adjusted and few gave up and lived life with no meaning. But, no one was happy that was common in all. I am not against marriage nor even the concept behind it. I have been born and brought up in an environment where marriage is a big deal for the family. I come from a small home town where neighbours opinions were taken more into consideration than your own insight. So, this was ought to happen and I don’t blame my parents completely. Where society mattered more and fear of being judged or most talked about (in a negative way) swayed through the minds of our parents consistently, till their daughter took seven rounds around the fire with a stranger. It was simple, once the girl is married in her ‘ideal age’ the family has conquered all the transcendent of it.

“Naina, Naina come dear. Oh, so sorry I think she’s busy arranging the salver,” my mother says hesitatingly. I could hear Maa calling me out, but my feet were just glued to the floor, I just didn’t want to put up in front of boy’s parents. My Maa excused herself and rushed inside the kitchen to look for me. “Naina, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you coming outside? They are waiting for you, common its going to be alright. Don’t be shy,” Maa said.

“Shy? I am not shy Maa, you remember I spoke to you about this last night. I am not ready to get married. This is like I am going to give an exam unprepared Maa. Please understand, I can’t do this. Don’t let me fall into this pit. The world scenarios have changed,” I said.

“Naina, please relax. It’s going to be all fine soon. Atleast come and meet Ajay and his parents. Please don’t embarrass us like this beta. You know how much respect your Baba has earned in the society. Don’t let him down, if not now then when will you settle?” said Maa.

‘Settle’ this word really gets on to my nerves. You educate yourselves, you get a good job, then your final rescue point get married and finally you are settled. Is it? I don’t think so. According to me you are never settled at any point of life. You move on witnessing every phase of life and its vivid forms.


“Ram, where is he Maa? I need him, you know I can’t do this without him,” I said.

“He’s on his way, he’ll be here any moment. Till then atleast serve them with the delicacies,” requested Maa.

Namastey, how are you all? Sorry for being late, I was stuck in traffic,” said Ram.

Yes it was Ram who entered and greeted everyone. The lifeline of our home and someone very close to my heart, my sweet and smart little brother.

Didi, go outside why are you standing here, see your dream boy is waiting outside,” said Ram with a humorous tone.

“Ram, please I am in no mood to joke around brother. You know this is not my cup of tea yet. Why don’t you do something about it. I don’t want to get married, I am not in that state of mind.  I want to pursue further studies, move to a bigger city and fulfill my dreams. Don’t you know this Ram?” with angst and worry in my voice I said to Ram.

“Naina didi, don’t worry I am here for you. You will go out with your wings open and make all your dreams come true. Amidst all this that is pouring, let it. Life will put forth many tests, all you need to do is face the challenge and come out winning. I know what’s happening is wrong, I believe in your visions and I am sure you are going to paint the canvas of your life more perfectly, rather than getting married right now,” said Ram with so much confidence in his voice.


Ram supported my every decision with an open mind and heart. Though my heart was almost pounding inside my mouth, my hands were sweaty and I went numb, but Ram’s sustenance and faith gave reassurance that everything will fall into place eventually. I somehow went out and greeted the boy’s parents and met the boy. I sat still in one place, the boy kept talking about his dreams and aspirations and I was lost in thoughts that had haunted me recently every single day ‘Marriage’ and Ajay kept on bragging and I paid no heed. Somehow, the meet concluded and I took a deep breath of relief.

Baba, please try and understand this is not right what we are doing. Let Naina didi fulfill her dreams, if she wants to study further let her Baba. I have also inquired about Ajay, he’s not perfect for didi, he is involved in all sorts of illegal activities and prepares forged documents. He will not be able to keep her happy. Don’t let her dreams get sabotaged by this act of marriage,” Ram said this to Baba with concern in his voice.

“What? Are you sure? How is this possible, Sharma Ji, said that he is an ideal match. Pandit Ji also said the same. I am sure you have found out about someone else Ram,” said Baba.

“This is the stumbling block Baba, why neighbours matter so much? How come Pandit Ji will tell about what’s best for our life? In fact, we are our own best judge. See, what if, she would have got married, will these neighbours come to console or help? No Baba, nobody will. We need to see life and its dynamics with a much broader prospect,” said Ram.

Didi, please come here and sit with us. I am sure Baba will understand us,” Ram says.


So much deliberation and concern in Ram’s views boosted my confidence as well. I remember how I caressed my little baby brother when he entered this world. Those childhood memories, how I snuggled him in the bed and shared bedtime stories, how I helped him finish his homework, all these memories flashed in front of my eyes. Like first ray of the sun beams through the window and lightens up the entire house. Nostalgia took a turn to a whole different level. The companionship between brother and sister, displayed it’s astounding colours and played its saga in the most blemish free way.

Baba’s eyes turned teary, he realised that how important it is for every girl to fulfill all her life’s purpose. My brother Ram he made sure he takes care of me in every walk of life. This feeling and whole conversation, filled my heart with so much content and I felt so elated. To have a brother like this, who makes sure you aren’t in wrong hands, who knows your aspirations, who believes in you is bewildering.


Didi, no matter where you are, in whatever situation, never feel left out. We as a family are always there for you,” said Ram. These words still echo in my mind till date.

Today, here I am working as a Chartered accountant in a reputed organisation. Fulfilling my career and life goals. I love my brother with all my heart and this could have not been possible without him. And, last but not the least, neighbours don’t matter to us anymore, Baba and Maa live with their head held high and are proud of our achievements. Ram, as always is the first and the last person I talk to every single day of my life. It’s him and his profound love that has motivated me to fulfill all my endeavours.

Wow! Isn’t this beautiful to read about siblings love. The support and relationship that flourishes every single day. The promise to protect her sister and help her live her dreams woven majestically in this short story. Well, lovelies this was all for this month’s The BlogAdda Weekly series where we spoke and celebrated about the magic of love. Stay tuned, till we come up with another interesting series of the month!

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