Tangy Tuesday Picks – November 29, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Hello lovelies, just two more days left and we will enter the last month of 2016. It’s a wrap up soon, so what are your plans for this month full of festive joy and winter at your door step? Well, before you write down the list of your do’s and don’t’s, why don’t you read these tangy picks of the week. Bid goodbye to this sweet November with these beguiling thoughts, write-ups, stories and articles by our Indian bloggers. If you wish to get featured at BlogAdda,  submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Padjhee
  • What: “Week-Ends Or Weak-Ends”
  • Tangy: Weekend has always enthralled us all. We anticipate so much when the weekend will kiss us back again. The energy doubles up and we are all ready with our party shoes, aren’t we? Well, who wouldn’t want to wipe away weekdays work hangover. But, amidst us there are people who would rather sit inside their houses and watch a movie with their families or close one, or just let the weekend sway away and wait excitingly for the weekdays to take its turn again. Read the perfect contrast highlighted in this blog!

  • Who: Rajaraman
  • What: “What I Learnt From Writing An Anonymous Message On Whatsapp That Went Viral?”
  • Tangy: Writing is one art that elates your mind and soul to the core. You might say that you jot down feelings of your inner self through words for your own satisfaction, but what’s like cherry on the cake when your own writings get appreciated by others and read by masses. The feeling is impeccable and it motivates you to write more. Rajaraman, in his blog shares his experience and learning that writing taught him!

  • Who: Amit Misra
  • What: “Has Cinema Made Us More Insensitive?
  • Tangy: Indian cinema has created a legacy in the entertainment industry. It is the only industry with widest number of audiences. But, a lot has evolved in the sphere of cinema and its outreach. The youth today enacts a lot from the world of movies in their actual lives. Is it worth it? Or is it just being misguided? Amit, in his blog shares his views about the same, take a look!

  • WhoNidhi Sethi
  • What: “Live Life Small Size”
  • Tangy: No matter where we go to fulfill our future endeavours, the warmth of our own hometown is exceptional. The home cooked mouth whiffing food, that neighbour aunt’s curiosity to know your achievements, childhood friends all have its own rhythm that satisfies you deeply. Nidhi, shares her story when she reached her hometown and welcome it gave her!

  • Who: Aanandika Sood
  • What: “The Story Of The Seven Surs”
  • Tangy: Music is one resort to every situation. Be it when you are sad or happy, music is one soothing remedy for everything. The seven notes that act as pillars of music and its effect has evolved way too much in today’s time. Aanandika, in her blog shares her thoughts upon how music teaches us that changes can be easily adaptable, like how music has in its own sphere!

  • Who: Vysh
  • What“Every Disappointment In Life”
  • Tangy: Expressions say a lot about your personality. It’s important to express what you feel and not keep inside like a closed shell. Expressing not only eases your mind but also accompanies with a listening ear. The one on whom you can trust and expect a good understanding in return. Isolation and keeping all things within, will eventually make your thoughts clash and will lead you to despair!

  • Who: Sanhita Baruah
  • What“Habits”
  • Tangy:  Often heart breaks lead you to fall in the dearth of habits that are harmful. You sit and reminisce of your old lover, the memories play their own tune in your mind. The ignorance, the lack of love tears you apart more day by day. What would you do to resonate with such feelings? Sit by and ponder upon or let go the memories that bring tears in your eyes!

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