The BlogAdda Weekly: Love It Is – Part 2

 Of Husband And Wife

Hello all the cuties! As promised, we are back again with this month’s series of The BlogAdda Weekly ‘Love It Is Of Husband And Wife – Part 2 where we will share a love tale that enunciates this special bond that celebrates the true essence of love and togetherness. Last time it was all about ‘Love It Is Of Fathers And Daughters’ this time it’s all about world’s most stately alliance of two souls which overflows with love throughout. Let’s get started and memorialize love !


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The BlogAdda Weekly: Love It Is – Part 1

Of Father And Daughter

Hello Folks! We are back again with yet another weekly series of The BlogAdda Weekly! This time we are not waiting for February to come and sprinkle chunks of love on us. Love, a feeling that sends butterflies fluttering in the stomach with a heart suddenly appearing at the back of our mind, with an arrow of course. This time we are celebrating love, in its most vivid and spectacular forms.


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The BlogAdda Weekly: Episode Four

For Your Eyes Only

Hello Readers! We are sure you still lingering in the Diwali hangover and we are just not out of the festive mood yet! Wednesday is here and so is the last but very important episode of The BlogAdda Weekly seriesFor Your Eyes Only. We embarked on a thriller journey with Guru, the poacher who is injured badly and almost loses his sight during a shootout. While he thinks he met death, destiny makes him meet Vrinda, who takes care of him. Not able to see, Guru can still feel the warmth in Vrinda’s compassionate service and falls in love with her. But would Vrinda accept him? Well, that’s what we all are here for! So, without much ado, flip the page to where we stopped last week and let’s get started


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The BlogAdda Weekly: Episode Three

For Your Eyes Only

Wednesday is back with yet another enthralling and chilling episode of our weekly series – For Your Eyes Only. The first two episodes of The Blogadda Weekly had us glued to our seats and kept us wanting for more! Here we are with our third episode with Guru and Vrinda. After the thriller Episode One and an equally enthralling Episode Two , we hope all our doubts and suspenses get cleared and we finally see some love cooking up between the two! Well, not taking much of your time, let’s get started with another chapter through Guru’s story!


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The BlogAdda Weekly: Episode Two

For Your Eyes Only

Hello Folks, BlogAdda is back with yet another enthralling episode of its thrilling The BlogAdda Weekly series- For Your Eyes Only. Last Wednesday, we embarked on a scary yet interesting journey of Guru, the heartless poacher who has no religion except money with our Episode One. We are sure you too were left glued to your screens  for more as the episode ended with on an apprehensive note. But here we are, not making you wait much with another interesting weekday thriller episode. So, do you want to see what happens next? Here you go!

weekday thriller

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The BlogAdda Weekly: Episode One

For Your Eyes Only


Hello Readers!  As we sift through your stories, we unknowingly picture you and your lives, inspiring your words that spill out and reach us from all around the globe. And there it is- entwined between your weaves, we find the inspiration to create stories at BlogAdda. On that note, we are here with another weekly series, The BlogAdda Weekly. We embrak on the story of Guru, a badass poacher who knows nothing but blood. He is the god of grief not only to the fauna but to those who hurt his vanity as well. Can his merciless past and present determine his future? Well, let’s see for this story has many truths to unfold.

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