The BlogAdda Weekly: Episode Two

For Your Eyes Only

Hello Folks, BlogAdda is back with yet another enthralling episode of its thrilling The BlogAdda Weekly series- For Your Eyes Only. Last Wednesday, we embarked on a scary yet interesting journey of Guru, the heartless poacher who has no religion except money with our Episode One. We are sure you too were left glued to your screens  for more as the episode ended with on an apprehensive note. But here we are, not making you wait much with another interesting weekday thriller episode. So, do you want to see what happens next? Here you go!

weekday thriller

Thud! A loud crash snapped me out of the darkness, as I woke up from the deep slumber.

“Ouuchh”, I groaned in pain as I lifted my arm. My head hurt badly and I could feel the pain at the back of my head. Almost everything hurt and even the slightest movement sent me into shivers of pain. It took me some minutes to digest the fact that I was alive. As soon as the reality seeped in, so did the darkness. Why was it so dark? I tried to rub my eyes and a scream came out of my mouth.

Calm down Guru. I tried to sooth my pacing heart sensing any danger that might be around. My hands went straight upto my eyes, feeling the linen and pain as they moved between both eyes. My eyes were bandaged and they hurt. I could not see. Was I blind? What happened to me? Suddenly, nothing could calm me and I tried getting down from the bed when a voice froze me right there.

“You shouldn’t move. You need to rest. Please get back to bed.” The silvery note stopped me from taking my feet off the cot I was in. Her voice was soft as silk and even though my vision was blocked, the words that went through me painted a vivid picture of how she would be. Beautiful and petite. Although I had never heard her, it felt as if the symphony that just reached me was familiar.

“Who are you? Where am I? What happened to me eyes?” I bombarded her with these questions.

“Well, you are alive. “ She answered.

I could understand the game that she was trying to play. She was testing my patience by juggling with words and answers. The Guru in me snapped out of his calm and roared.

“Would you tell me where I am and how I landed up here or should I -” I almost got up from the bed in my angry reflex when something jerked my feet back to the bed. Her hands felt cold and soft. I had never been touched by hands so tender.


“Then what? What will you do Guru?” My mind stopped. Was she not scared of who I was or what I was capable to do?
How did she know my name? My head hurt with such ruckus of thoughts. I put my anger back to sleep to make sure she doesn’t run away. I needed her for the information.

“Would you please tell me where am I and what is happening?” I finally succumbed to the polite version, something I had never done in my entire life. This girl was an exception.

“Well, you were being chased by the police and were injured badly.  When I found you, I thought you are almost dead. You had one bullet in your knee and the other almost grazed through your left eye. But you are safe now. I bought you to my house, here in the woods, as you were bleeding heavily. I took care of your wounds. “

“How come you live alone in such a dangerous area?” I was used to be careful and suspicious.

“I live with my father. He is too old to leave the family house in the woods. The nearest town is just some kilometres away.”

“Well, thank you for the help. Do you have a phone if I may contact someone?”

“I don’t think so that will be a good idea. The police are searching for you and it would be best if you stay here. Also, I don’t think you are strong enough to escape another shootout.”

Her voice chimed through my ears as I longed to see the face behind it. Every time she uttered something, my mind wandered through the unknowns, begging her to not stop speaking. Something was there in that voice that kept me and my empty brain glued to her. Although she was telling me the most important details of my life, the man in me was more interested in undoing the bandage, the only barrier between my eyes and the sight of her.

“It is better you take some rest. I will get your medicines and something to eat.” She went as I heard a door close.


My brain automatically signalled me to stand up and as I did, the pain right there slapped me hard to keep resting wherever I was. I kept my ears open to tune in any rustle or movement around. I heard the soft rustle of the leaves and the distant chirping of the birds, confirming the canopies around. I could smell the damp soil and my ears perked to the sudden upheaval of utensils and cooking in the kitchen. With that came the soft humming of a lullaby I had never heard before. The song instantly teleported me to the dreams, where I kept being chased by those unknown pair of feet and the tinkling silver anklets.

“Guru, wake up. It’s dinner time.” The same voice startled me. I was frustrated for not being able to see anything. By now all my strength had gone and I felt edgy at the smallest of move.

“The doctor will be coming tomorrow for a check up.”

“What? Please, no. How can you let someone come from outside? Do you even know who I am?” I lost my control.

“Hey, stay calm. Anger is not good for your health. I know that you are the biggest poacher of this area and are the most demanded case in every inspector’s case file. We paid the doctor some extra bucks to keep his mouth shut.” A brief silence followed.

“Now will you open your mouth and eat?” I heard her pull a chair and the jingle of her bangles as she came close sending whiffs of fresh jasmine towards me. She fed me the porridge and carefully wiped my face.

“What is your name?” I heard my own voice.

“What is in a name?” She retorted.

“Well, I never asked you how you knew mine. Atleast you could tell me yours to do the justice.” I was not very happy with her creepy attitude.

“Everyone in the jungle knows you through the posters! If you insist, you can call me Vrinda. As of now, no more questions, you should rest!“

During our chitchat she made my bed and put a cushion below my injured leg. Carefully putting me back to sleep, she switched off the lights and went away. The jingle of her steps with her anklets faded away after sometime leaving behind a monotonous silence.


I found myself running in the woods with a wounded leg and bandaged eyes. I had no clue as to where I was heading. My brain hurt and darkness became too hard to handle. The forest seemed to be an infinite trap with my mind playing anonymous games with me. As soon as I caught hold of my breath, I began running as fast as I could, until a pair of arms held me. Soft and subtle, something told me they meant to help. I smelled jasmine, a fragrance not new. The hands dug in my shoulder to keep me from running away anymore. “It’s okay. I am here.”  I heard as the words poured in me trust and faith.

I gasped for air as I woke up from the dream. The dark silence was still there. I took my hands to my eyes as they caressed on the band aid. Suddenly my ears heard a shuffle of the fabrics.

“Who’s there”
“It’s okay. I am here.“ Vrinda’s voice froze me.

Well! How did you find the Episode Two? Aren’t you too a little bit suspicious of who Vrinda is? The whole story has reached a roller coaster phase and we too are trying to understand the who’s who of this thrilling series. Don’t forget to tell us how you found our next episode and let us know of your possible conclusions on the same? Is Vrinda good for Guru or does Guru smelling something fishy is right on his part? What does destiny have in store for our injured Guru? Well, we are all set to finding answers to all these questions in our next episode of For Your Eyes Only!

Till then, stay there and don’t change the channel on !


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