The BlogAdda Weekly: Love It Is – Part 1

Of Father And Daughter

Hello Folks! We are back again with yet another weekly series of The BlogAdda Weekly! This time we are not waiting for February to come and sprinkle chunks of love on us. Love, a feeling that sends butterflies fluttering in the stomach with a heart suddenly appearing at the back of our mind, with an arrow of course. This time we are celebrating love, in its most vivid and spectacular forms.


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WOW: “A Fear, I Fear No More”

In the present competitive world, we overcome new milestones every day. Daily, we are encountered by things unknown and master the art of fighting our weaknesses to emerge as a winner. However, there are some things that we just can’t overcome for the fear of doing them. The bravest of warriors, top most entrepreneurs to the most successful people, all of them had their weak and low points, their fears. What makes them worthy of their fame and name is their leap to overcome their fears.


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The BlogAdda Weekly: Episode Four

For Your Eyes Only

Hello Readers! We are sure you still lingering in the Diwali hangover and we are just not out of the festive mood yet! Wednesday is here and so is the last but very important episode of The BlogAdda Weekly seriesFor Your Eyes Only. We embarked on a thriller journey with Guru, the poacher who is injured badly and almost loses his sight during a shootout. While he thinks he met death, destiny makes him meet Vrinda, who takes care of him. Not able to see, Guru can still feel the warmth in Vrinda’s compassionate service and falls in love with her. But would Vrinda accept him? Well, that’s what we all are here for! So, without much ado, flip the page to where we stopped last week and let’s get started


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Perky Tweets- October 31, 2016

Good Morning Readers! You must be wondering what makes us all cheerful and chirpy while Monday stares right at our face blaring from the screens and loads of work! Well, we have our Twitter friends to keep us lightened and brightened through the day. You guessed it right for we are back again with #PerkyTweets swaying us away. Gear up for some giggles as we get the funniest tweets ever from last week’s Twitter parade!


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WOW- “The Joy Of Giving”

The festival of lights, our very own, Diwali is always the much anticipated festival of the year! It’s that time of the year when the whole country shimmers and glimmers as streets brim with stalls of gifts to streamers to candles and diyas. With the celebration of Ram’s homecoming, we welcome Goddess Lakshmi into our homes and immerse ourselves in the usual gift exchange routines. We hope you too are done with your Diwali haul and are already on your evening sprees to distribute sweets and gifts! How about doing your lil bit towards the prosperous Diwali for the needy too this year?


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10 Home Decor Craft Ideas For Diwali 2016

Are you planning to shop some decors for your home this Diwali? Why waste time and money in the market to shop for decors when you have it all in your home. Just gather all the things that can be upcycled and and spill in all your creativity. This Diwali, let’s get nature friendly and preserve Mother Nature as we welcome Goddess Lakshmi in our homes. Add some spunk and creativity in your homes with homemade arts inspired by these Indian bloggers who are a pro in art and crafts. Let’s get started as we present before you 10 best craft ideas that you can immaculately craft for this Diwali and ornament your home!


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