The BlogAdda Weekly: Episode Three

For Your Eyes Only

Wednesday is back with yet another enthralling and chilling episode of our weekly series – For Your Eyes Only. The first two episodes of The Blogadda Weekly had us glued to our seats and kept us wanting for more! Here we are with ourĀ third episode with Guru and Vrinda. After the thrillerĀ Episode One and an equally enthrallingĀ Episode TwoĀ , weĀ hope all our doubts and suspenses get cleared and we finally see some love cooking up between the two! Well, not taking much of your time, let’s get started with another chapter through Guru’s story!


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Tangy Tuesday Picks – October 25, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Hello Cutie Pies! Tuesday is here singing the ‘Cutie Pie’ song with its tangy and tickling notes. The air already has the festive whiff and we are counting days for Diwali to come! Surely you too would be scrolling on and off the holidayĀ calendarĀ as the biggest festival of the year comes rattling in its festivity! Before you startĀ preparingĀ for the big day, here’s some literature dose for the hungry reader in you! Read and tell us about yourĀ favourites, and if you wish too wish to be featured asĀ our Spicy picksĀ Ā submit your blog posts to us! Continue reading “Tangy Tuesday Picks – October 25, 2016”

Perky Tweets – October 24, 2016

Hello Readers! How was your weekend? We have finally stepped into our countdown to celebrating Diwali and are excited for the holidays ahead. This Monday we are back again with fun and frolic screaming out from Twitter! Every Monday we make sure you grab some giggles and laughing jokes as you start a fresh week and this time too Twitter has left us rolling on the floor! Laughter Alert ahead as we get theĀ funniest jokes and crackles from our Twitter people and #PerkyTweets!

Indian Perky Tweets

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AddaTales- “I Really Met An Alien”

It’s story writing time here at BlogAdda as we are back again with another prompt for our #AddaTales session! This weekend, things got really Sci Fi as aliens visited us, this time for real. This week’s #AddaTales prompt was-Ā “I Really Met An Alien” and it was all aliens and spaceships here at our Adda! As usual, our weavers of magic didn’t leave any stone unturned in creating one of the best fictions ever for us. Want to see what their final masterpiece looks like? Here you go!


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Spicy Saturday Picks – October 22, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

What’s a Saturday morning if not spent with some food for thought and a perfectly brewed mug of coffee! Here we areĀ to take your morning bliss to a whole new level with some of the best posts that blew our mind away with their literary intellect! No need to flip through the browser finding that one story that keeps you engrossed, for there Spicy Saturday Picks areĀ just what you need!Ā If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us,Ā submit your blog posts to us!
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WOW- “What A Day It Was”

Just like the Yin Yang portrays, life too has a shady and a sunny side to it. There are days when things seem out of control while others seem to give us a high on life. TimeĀ waits for none, yet memories stay, deep rooted in our hearts, with the happy times as well as times of difficulty. Life should be remembered for its good days, when everything seemed bright and shining. Days when we were truly happy and content. This weekend we want you to be happy and chirpy! Enough of the daily bickering , it’s time to cherish the goodĀ thisĀ Friday.


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