Spicy Saturday Picks – October 22, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

What’s a Saturday morning if not spent with some food for thought and a perfectly brewed mug of coffee! Here we areĀ to take your morning bliss to a whole new level with some of the best posts that blew our mind away with their literary intellect! No need to flip through the browser finding that one story that keeps you engrossed, for there Spicy Saturday Picks areĀ just what you need!Ā If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us,Ā submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Durga Prasad Dash
  • What: “Of Good and Evil”
  • Spicy: Similar to the yin yang, the good and the evil are differentiated by a very thin line. They are the two parts that combine together to form life’s balance. None exists without the other. We might find it difficult to digest, but Durga brings to us mythical references put so aptly that one is left in awe and contemplation. Next time something bad happens, we do have anĀ ulterior motive as our answer.

  • Who: Ramya Rao P
  • What: “When She Fell Ill
  • Spicy: Mothers are the pivot of the family’s wheel, keeping it in balance with their superpowers that let them multitask. She is responsible for every task, ranging from the tiniest of details to the huge decision making ones. What happens when the lifeline of the family falls ill? It won’t be wrong to say that almost everything comes to a standstill. RamyaĀ jots down a beautiful poem and we hope her lady gets well soon!

  • Who: Samparna Tripathy
  • What: “Is parental care only a son’s prerogative?
  • Spicy:Ā Our society is bound by many unspoken rules that are adhered to, without putting a single question mark ever. From dowry that still prevails as exchange of gifts to men being the sole guardians of their parents in old age, we have illogical rules written all over us. Today, whenĀ most of the parents bring up their kids as equals, why should the responsibility of parents in their old age be written underĀ the son’s column? Here’s Samparna bringing up the much needed question!

  • Who: Shivani Shourie
  • What:Ā Karwachauth for an Army wife”
  • Spicy: As women celebrated fasting for their loving husbands this Karwachauth, many missed the final ritual of having their husbands beside them. As our nation’s proudĀ soldiers guard us at the borders for ourĀ peaceful nights of sleep, their wives and family too, endure their absence inĀ festivals and big days. What is Karwachauth like for an army wife who doesn’t get to see her heartthrob as other women end their fast with their beloved husbands? Shivani writes her heart out.

  • Who:Ā Niraj
  • What:Ā “Fathers Love”
  • Spicy: The bond of love between a father and a daughter is one of the prettiest. While many accolades are showered on our mommies for the umbilical connect we share with them, daddies are often kept a metre away from the final trophy! While fathers maintain a strong front when it comes to emotions, their hearts too are brimming with equal affection and care for their little ones.

  • Who: Aravind GJ
  • What:Ā “Bayon temple at Angkor Thom”
  • Spicy:Ā India has been showered with a rich culture and architectural heritage. When it comes to temples, India’s topography is a platter full of architectural marvels that still stand a winner in front of our technologically equipped building skills and creations. When the travelling eye meets the intrinsic creations atĀ Angkor Thom, one has to pinch oneself to confirm its reality and not just a dream! Pinch yourself as we get you a virtual trip through Bayon temple.

  • Who: Subha Rajagopal
  • What:Ā “The Coffee Mug
  • Spicy:Ā Finding a gift is always a tedious task.Ā One has to carefully think of all the stuff that forms a perfect fit in our budget as well as conforms to theĀ amount of love and affection we need to show. Believe it or not, somehow we all have found a coffee mug as a perfect fit into this criteria! Not just that we also have been a recipient of the wonderful mug! How does it feel when you have too many mugs for that one single cup of coffee? Here’s some laughter dose as we take your leave!

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