WOW- “What A Day It Was”

Just like the Yin Yang portrays, life too has a shady and a sunny side to it. There are days when things seem out of control while others seem to give us a high on life. TimeĀ waits for none, yet memories stay, deep rooted in our hearts, with the happy times as well as times of difficulty. Life should be remembered for its good days, when everything seemed bright and shining. Days when we were truly happy and content. This weekend we want you to be happy and chirpy! Enough of the daily bickering , it’s time to cherish the goodĀ thisĀ Friday.


This week’s WOW prompt is:Ā “What A Day It Was!”

Yes, no matter how much we try, our brain doesn’t allow us to forget the past and often choses the bad when replaying memories! This weekend, take a trip down the memory laneĀ and recall one day that was dipped in smiles and laughter for you! The day you became a parent to the day you got your first salary or that special walk with your special one, tell us about that one day that was the definition of beautiful to you. A day that still makes you say- “What a day it was!”

We at BlogAdda love to hear stories! And what could be better than hearing all the good ones? Perhaps, its time toĀ reminisce about the good days that went by to have an even brighter smile for the days to come! So grab your keyboards and get writing for we are eager toĀ relive that one spectacular day of your life that till date leaves you smiling!

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Every weekend, we give creative writing prompts for you to write blog posts. Hope you enjoy our creative writing inspiration for this week. šŸ™‚

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