Tangy Tuesday Picks – October 18, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

This week Blogadda is again back with inspirational posts and stories from the world of bloggers. We at Blogadda are all set to share some good reads in our Tangy Tuesday Picks, to make your day from boring to exciting.  Take a break from your mundane chore and get ready to rejuvenate your mind with these stupefying reads. Read and tell us about your favourites, and if you wish to be read  submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Kala Ravi 
  • What: “The Signs-of-Ageing”
  • Tangy: Age transpires the years we’ve lived so far. But, how much do we reckon with ageing signs? Every phase of a woman’s life, right from childhood to being an adult is snuggled with changing habits and lifestyle. Change is inevitable, we all know that.  Not only years, but there are many other factors that reflect your ‘growing old’ phase. The challenge is how gracefully you live or let it take over you. Kala, through her amazing observations, tells us about few attributes of ageing.

  • Who: Tulika Singh
  • What: “A Less Than Perfect Role-Model”
  • Tangy: For a mother, her child is her universe. Embedding all good things and habits in a child’s mind, is her first priority. She juggles with everyday routine, yet manages to teach her child the goodness of life. She believes that the taught morals and values will make her child a better person for tomorrow. The fact that children are affected by their surroundings, therefore, raising a child comes with great deal of responsibilities. Hence, mother holds a unique position in influencing her child’s growth!

  • WhoAmruta 
  • What: One Can’t Live, With Or Without ‘You’…”
  • Tangy: Marriage, the alliance that promises love, togetherness, support, happiness and homage. It is the union of conjugal love and respect. There are ups and downs, but the efforts to cope up with all the difficult times strengthens this bond even more. How often do you think about all the goodness this bond of marriage is basked in with? Or do you just brood upon the turmoils? Amruta, pronounces the myths about marriage and explains how beautiful and important this relationship is!

  • Who: Rinzu Susan Rajan
  • What: “Fair Skin Racism: Why We Must Shun it Right Now”
  • Tangy: In India, where we talk about equality. Why, the society is still hogged by the evil of racism? The advertisements on fairness creams, boasts about fair skin and its benefits. Right from finding a groom to getting a job. The colour of your skin doesn’t define your abilities. Wear your God gifted beautiful skin with dignity, as we are all unique in our own ways!

  • WhoMuser 
  • What: “Why Gates & Buffett Are Wrong”
  • Tangy: From the ancient times to this modern era, the country has evolved at a very fast pace. In our social, economic and political fronts we have witnessed rapid growth. But, our system also faces threats that hinder the growth. We do identify these threats, but how much do we try to remove them off completely. For a better tomorrow and growth, the heinous acts needs to be discarded!

  • WhoUpen Reddy
  • What“Amigo! Slay the EGO”
  • Tangy: Ego is one of the very strong trait, that can diminish your true self. It swallows your mind and makes you feel superior, which ultimately results in your downfall. The psyche of an egoistic person is always ‘I’ oriented. Ego sabotages the ability to choose between right and wrong. And it eventually makes one feel, that he/she is only right. It destroys the relations in fraction of seconds and takes you a lifetime to build it once again. So, chuck the ego that rules your mind and perceive what is better for you and your relations.

  • Who: Avyukta 
  • What: “The Other Side of Being Managed”
  • Tang: The world on the professional front, is not an easy ride. From boss’s directions to be followed, to striving to be the best, to doing timely work and stick to all professional ethics. Juggling with all the tasks assigned, you sometimes have to work out of your niche. What would you do, accept it or deny it? Choice is yours!

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