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Hello lovely readers! It’s Wednesday again and we are back with another interesting story of this month’s series “Power Of Forgiveness – Part 2” for you all. Last week we delineated the power of prayer and its effect in our lives. This week we will sketch on the most powerful and consequential act called forgiveness. So get ready for an interesting read and let yourself be inspired a little more!


“Pheww…! The gym instructor did made us exercise so much today,” said Navita to her friend.
“Oh yes, it seems our abs will pop up tonight itself,” Navita’s friend giggled and mentioned.
They both came out of the gym and waited for elevator. The lift arrives, they both get in, along with them enters a young, tall boy.

Who knew at this moment that this tall boy in the elevator would be one day very close to Navita’s heart. Navita did notice something unique and different vibe about him. But, at that time she did not pay much attention.
Days went by, but whenever Navita saw that tall guy she felt a different vibe. Why always her heartbeat raised when she saw him? Why that urge to go and speak to him? She couldn’t understand at all.


One day when the gym instructor was training Navita, that same tall boy approached near her and said, “Hey, I think too much of exercise with the machine can strain your muscles.” Navita asked, “why do you say so? My trainer is there he’s training me accordingly.”

“Yes I know, but still. These machines can cause you serious injuries if you use them vigorously.” said the tall boy.
Navita felt strange but at the same time even special because he noticed her in the gym and showed concern.

“By the way my name is Akash, please don’t mind but I thought to bring this to your notice.” said the tall boy.
“No, no it’s okay. I thank you for letting me know. I am Navita.” Navita mentioned with a smile on her face.
“So Navita, what do you do? Apart from lifting dumbbells and keeping fit?” asked Akash.
“Well, I am a school teacher by profession.” said navita.
“Wow, that’s something really interesting. I’ve never met a teacher who is into serious gym work out. I’m impressed.” remarked Akash.

“Why who says teachers don’t exercise?” said Navita.

“No I didn’t mean that, it’s just that I have met someone like you for the first time. Also you look perfectly fit and beautiful as you are. These machines are just making you work hard unnecessarily.” said Akash.

Yes, like every other girl Navita had butterflies in her tummy. She was blushing because Akash had complimented her, but at the same time she just didn’t want her emotions let loose. She liked Akash but she wasn’t sure.

“Oh! so I assume you are flirting with me?” said Navita amusingly.

Akash just smiled at Navita with so much gleam and likability in his eyes. He said,”To be honest I like you from day one. Yes, of course you are pretty. But, I like you more for your dedication. I feel something unique about you. I know I must be sounding a little cliche right now. But, it’s better I tell you the truth.”

After Navita heard this from Akash she felt all her strings attached. She felt the same way for Akash, something unique, different vibe but she just couldn’t define it.

“He feels the same, like I do. He gets similar vibes. Something deep, something attractive.” muttered Navita.

“What? Did you say something?” asked Akash.

“Mmmm… no!” Navita said.

“Well, I know it’s too soon to ask, but would you like to sip on coffee with me? If you don’t mind and feel comfortable.” asked Akash nervously.

Navita was confused what to say, she wanted to know Akash more and her quest regarding this attractive vibe was growing even more. Navita agreed to meet Akash over a cup of coffee. This was the first time ever a boy had asked her out to meet, whom she hardly knew. But, something felt right. She followed her instincts and agreed.

The next day they both met. Conversation went on for hours, both felt really overwhelmed. Their interests, likes, dislikes were different. They were poles apart but yet felt deeply rooted. Navita after a very long time felt so elated. Akash was happy too. Every time he was with Navita he felt special. Time grew and they came closer. Now from gym buddies, to friends, they were now lovers.

It was a heavenly feeling for both of them. Navita was an extremely caring girl and Akash on the other hand was very protective about her. The relationship became stronger day-by-day and happiness became their best friend.

One year had passed, and finally it was Navita’s birthday. Akash gave her the biggest surprise of her life. He proposed Navita for marriage.


“What? Are you serious? Yes, yes, yes I will marry you.” Navita said joyously.

For her, Akash was the perfect boy. She felt all her strings attached. She thought she had found her soulmate. She felt deeply connected. For her marrying her soulmate is like her dream come true. On that day she felt heavenly, she celebrated her birthday with tears of joy and a ring on her finger.

Two months had passed, they were both happy. Navita had so many dreams in her mind. She was already feeling like a wife of Akash.

One day, Navita was trying to call Akash. The phone kept on ringing, messages were sent, but there wasn’t any response from Akash. Navita was worried, deep down she felt something is not right. Her conscience was continuously telling that something is wrong. She waited for Akash’s call or message the entire night. But, there wasn’t any.

Next day, when Navita woke up she tried calling him again. She found that she has been blocked from everywhere. She now couldn’t make any calls or message. Her hands started shivering, feeling of discomfort ran all through her veins. She panicked, she just couldn’t understand what actually happened. Where is Akash? Why has he blocked me? So many questions gushed in her mind.


Still, she never gave up. She continued to contact Akash from somewhere or the other but nothing worked.

15 days had passed, and still there was not even a single message from Akash. Navita felt lost, uneasiness crawled inside her day and night.

Finally, on the 16th day, Akash messaged Navita, “I am sorry, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t marry you. My family doesn’t want me to marry you or even talk to you. Please forgive me. I will not be able to go against my family.”

Navita’s eyes grew red, tears rolled down, she read that message almost twenty times. She just couldn’t believe that something like this would happen. She was shattered, her dreams, her love, her emotions felt lifeless at that very moment. She was perplexed as to what just happened. She couldn’t believe, actually she just didn’t want to believe what she read. She tried again, but no response from Akash’s end.

Navita felt miserable every single day of her life after that. She tried to resort with her emotions but couldn’t. She decided to teach Akash a lesson. Her emotions of love turned into hatred. She just couldn’t stand that someone whom she considered her life, could do this to her. She contacted Akash’s father and spilled the entire truth. His father with a cold tone said,”I know about you both, this isn’t acceptable. Please don’t try to contact us any further.”

Navita thought after speaking to his father she’d feel better. May be Akash will feel the same like she was. ‘Cause Navita’s family was also suffering along with her. They couldn’t see their daughter go through so much of turmoil. She wanted Akash and his family to feel the same. She tried, thinking may be this will settle her tribulations, but nothing worked.

She then tried to talk to other boys, she tried to divert her mind. She somehow wanted this to be conveyed to Akash, so that he feels jealous and retorts. But, still no sign. Navita was still in the same place, nothing worked for her. Angst, fury, depression, all unsettling thoughts waved in her life. She wanted to get over this trauma.

One day, her friend visited her. She tried to console Navita and asked her to visit one of her Uncle who is a spiritual leader. She thought Navita might feel better after meeting him.

Navita wasn’t ready, she just refused. But, her friend tried her level best to take her along. Somehow, Navita agreed and they both went to visit her friend’s uncle. Navita pronounced her entire story.

With a smile on his face, Mr. Gautam said,”That’s it, this is what is bothering you Navita?”

Navita got very angry and said,” You think this is a small thing? My life has become miserable after this. How could he do this with me? Why me?”

Mr.Gautam asked Navita to calm down. “I know child, you are struggling with a lot of emotions right now. It’s like a tug of war going on between your heart and mind. Firstly, I want you to breathe and relax. Calm down your mind and let your heart breathe.”

Navita somehow became quiet and sat down beside her friend.

Mr. Gautam then said,” Have you heard of the word forgiveness? Do you even know the power of this word?”

“Forgive, you want me to forgive him? How on Earth is that possible. He has ruined my life. How can I forgive him Sir,” said Navita.

“No one has the power to ruin your life. You are your own master or slave. It’s you who decides the path for your life. There will be instances where your heart breaks and your entire world will crash. But, we don’t stop breathing, eating, sleeping or living. Do we? Then how can you decide that he ruined it. Think about it like this, he came into your life to teach you a lesson. The lesson that you needed the most right now. I am not saying that what he did was right. But, for how long will you make yourself suffer like this. Treasure all the sweet memories and grasp all the important lessons from the bitter moments and move on. Don’t let your emotions overpower your well-being. Forgive, let your mind be sprinkled with positivity. Try this, I am sure you’ll feel better. To let go of all the resentment and live a better life, forgiveness is the key. Take a decision right now, close all the previous chapters of your life and start afresh. It is difficult but it isn’t impossible.” said Mr.Gautam.


Navita that night pondered upon Mr.Gautam’s words. Somehow she felt that he’s right. She had tried to avenge, show anger, teach Akash a lesson, but nothing worked to calm her mind.

Next morning Navita decided to go to the temple and pray. She decided to move on, forgive Akash and not be on the same page anymore. To her surprise she felt light, her heart felt relieved. Yes, she had finally coped up from her adversities and forgave Akash. She chose to make herself free from the shackles of anger, hatred, bondage and negativity. She accepted whatever happened and chose the path of forgiveness.

Her days that turned into a nightmare, changed again. A ray of hope and joy again beamed inside her heart and mind. Yes, she forgave and set herself free. Her life was back on track. It took time, but each passing day she felt better.

This is the power of forgiveness. No matter how hard you try, but forgiveness can only get you ease. It is a big thing but is also very powerful. You have to let yourself free from all the bondage that perches on your heart and shatters your dreams. Just like how Navita did, she tried every possible way to find peace and ease, nothing worked. Infact, all this made it even more worse. Forgiveness took over the entire burden from her shoulders and she was again a happy soul.

Well, hope you’ve endured the Power Of Forgiveness up to some extent in your life? This was all for this week’s The BlogAdda Weekly series, stay tuned till we bring to you another aspect of power and its impact. Have you read the previous story on the Power Of Prayer? If you haven’t then enlighten your mind with this interesting read!

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