Tangy Tuesday Picks – July 27, 2021

Tokyo Olympics 2020 has finally started after all the emotional rollercoaster in the middle of the pandemic and struggles of every athlete. Mirabai Chanu won herself a medal for India! With a great start for India, it is also the time to kickstart our week with some amazing blogposts from our blogging community. Let’s start with our top reads of the week.

Top Reads Of The Week - Tangy Tuesday Picks - July 27, 2021

Who: Tulika Singh  
What: Courage VS Patience 
Why: It might seem that patience and courage are characters that tend in different directions, but if you reflect, you will find relative significance. Give a read to this blogpost by Tulika, where she shared admiring these two traits.  

Who: Ambica Gulati 
What: Exploring Majuli
Why: Majuli – the biggest of the riverine island in Assam. A must-go place if you want to enjoy nature and experience the rich culture. Hop on to this detailed guide blogpost by Ambica to explore this soul-enriching island. 

Who: Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan 
What: Low Physical Activity & Stress 
Why: Physical inactivity is a primary cause of most chronic diseases. You can cancel out the impact of stress on the immune system through the help of some physical activity. Do read this blogpost by Dr. Roshan to bring a better change in your lifestyle routine. 

Who: Raksha Kamat  
What: Mixed Sprouts Sandwich Recipe 
Why: We all know how healthy sprouts are for us. This mixed sprout sandwich recipe is a sure way to have the healthy breakfast or snack that we all need. Check out the recipe by Raksha. 

Who: Rakhi Parsai 
What: Senior Citizens Mental Health 
Why: Senior citizen’s mental health is a topic that is highlighted rarely. Senior citizens experience the same mental health concerns as younger people, but face a number of unique barriers to seeking and receiving treatment. Read this blogpost by Rakhi to know how you can help a senior citizen in your house or neighborhood. 

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