WOW: What Does Friendship Mean To You?

Friendship is the most wonderful relationship that anyone can have in this world. When we think of true friendship, we think of loyal and honest people, who are always there for you, unconditionally loving, and who can make you roll on the floor and laugh until your stomach hurts. It is also about having a connection and a bond with someone to lean on when things get really hard for you. With Friendship Day around the corner, we need to be reminded of why friendship is so incredibly special.

Define Friendship - WOW

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.’ – Woodrow Wilson
We always have friends at different stages of our life who are together with us through all ups and downs of it. Sometimes, we have only one true friend throughout every stage of our life. We make bad friends along the road as well, it’s a trial and error process. However, different people may have distinct definitions of and requirements for friendship.

For this week’s WOW, we want you to ‘Define Friendship’ in your own words. What does friendship mean to you? Share with us the craziest experience youve ever had with your friends. Write about how your adult friendships are different than friendships you had as a child. If it’s still the same, tell us in what ways are they the same. Think about what ways have they influenced you positively or negatively. What do you bring to the table of friendship for others? How long have you been friends with someone? If you would like to share some pictures as well, it would be even better. 

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4 Replies to “WOW: What Does Friendship Mean To You?”

  1. Hello Sir,
    Well said and beautifully written article on friendship. I too believe friendship is the most valuable relation one can make on earth if it’s true in spirit and pure from heart.

    I seem to talk like an alien…..though I have my reasons…

    At school days friendship is everything and one live and die for his friends.
    In college and teens, friend is more than your parents in sharing all good and bad experiences and parking lot to park all dark secrets and fantasies.
    After college when stepping out in the real world and facing harsh realities of life your definition of friendship will grow strong and thanks god for getting such wonderful friends.

    Somehow, if you settled well in life, your friends will be your friends as you thought but…….

    If faced rough times and plus lost your job or not earning, believe me, you will have a golden time of life lessons…

    life at that time will make you realize the true essence and reality of relations on which you have woven your life.

    The lucky ones if left with even one good friend or genuine relative who stands by you then bless your life and thanks god you have faith in.
    Rest must find purpose and lead their life…


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