Tangy Tuesday Picks – June 29, 2021

While social distancing is keeping us apart physically from our loved ones and friends, blogging helps us to get closer to more people with a conversational insight. Many people want to blog but are held back from putting fingers to keyboards and writing. They worry that they have nothing to say, or think that they arent good enough writers. Let’s put this fear aside, and get ready to unleash your blog on the world. We make sure blogging and reading find their place in your day and bring you this week’s must read blogposts.

This Week's Must Read - Tangy Tuesday Picks - June 29,2021

Who: Sakshi Raina
What: My Experience With Covid-19
Why: While some have been lucky to win the battle against the Coronavirus, several others have faced devastating consequences. Your story can inspire, guide, and give strength to others who are battling this pandemic in isolation. Sakshi shared her experience in this blogpost, read on her battle against Covid-19.

Who: Gunjan Upadhyay
What: Whole Wheat Veg Pizza From Scratch
Why: Making pizza at home from scratch can be a fun activity for the whole family. Try this recipe shared by Gunjan. We are sure the kids will love it, and a perfect snack for movie nights.

Who: Deepali Sood
What: 10 Movies To Watch With Kids Together
Why: Picking a movie to watch is hard enough when you’re the only person in the room, so when it comes to choosing a kid-friendly movie, the challenge can escalate. Read on for Deepali’s list of movies to watch with kids.

Who: Bhavana Varun
What: Our Bodies In Refuge Poem
Why: Poetry helps us understand and appreciate the world around us. Give a read to this poem shared by Bhavana on ‘Our Bodies In Refuge’

Who: Raksha Kamat  
What: Lauki Thepla Recipe 
Why: Lauki or Dudhi Thepla is an interesting variation to traditional Plain Thepla. It is a light food and is good for the digestion system as well. Check out this recipe shared by Raksha. 

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