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Gone are those days when hand written letters or a trunk call were the mediums to sustain relationships. In this digital era, virtual world plays an eminent role to decide our friendship goals. Where with just one click you become friends with people known or strangers you want to know. Social platforms have played an ardent role in our communication sphere. This week’s #AddaTales prompt was “When I Sent Him A Friend Request” where it brimmed all about friend zone and its anticipations.  As usual, our twitter bees created an enlightening tale that enunciated the excitement and anxieties created by sending a friend request. Here is this gripping tale at your perusal.


When I sent him a friend request, I was waiting ardently for the reply. I rechecked several times but he didn’t accept my friend request for couple of days. I started thinking about the reasons behind that I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, a solace to my loneliness or a friendship of lifetime It was the war I was fighting within and it was annoying me too, as I was unable to figure out the reason I don’t know why, there was so much restlessness in me for him. I so desperately wanted him to accept my request I knew it wasn’t fair on my part to be so concerned about a stranger but frankly, I was stalking Gaurav, silent stalker,watching his online presence on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter churned my feelings.

I don’t know what lead me to this stalker behaviour, but now I was too invested in it, he was unique. I was getting possessive about him because of his ignorance. Finally on the 3rd day he accepted my request. I was on cloud nine, happiness knew no bounds and I poured my heart out as I was acquainted with him from long. But I was cautious to not overdo it. I smiled at myself, what my busy city life has made of me.

He was quite composed and introvert, I guessed by his interactions. Oh my god! I wrote pages and he just replied with ‘OKAY’. His indifferent attitude hurt me and I wanted to convey. My mind queried me, “Hey, what are you upto, why you expect so much. Or was he not ready to open up. Back at my home I was the shy one too. But I think my experiences have made me evolve.Millions questions thronged my mind, was he interested in me or was it just time pass. I requested him to meet.

“You are going fast, Ina. Slow down, you don’t know me so don’t double up your expectation. I may be unwanted fellow, how you can judge me. People aren’t so easy as you think. Even I don’t know you, I’m reluctant to meet and you are ready. Go slow dear. Are you sure that I may not be harmful?” He asked. In that moment millions of memories flashed in front of my eyes. I have heard this once. How I was too quick in falling in love? How invested I was in my relationship and how it was not him but me, shrugging away the thoughts I replied, “I believe in fate, Gaurav.” 

“This is not you, Ina.These are the words your heart says. While taking decisions, listen to your conscience. I may sound preachy but this is a fact and my experience has taught me this lesson. Hey,I don’t believe you. Don’t mind but girls too in my experience, cheat and break heart ruthlessly, and I am not ready to get my heart terribly hurt. I was hurt but did not want to emote my bruised emotions, so I laughed hard at my end and sent emojis of the same I dropped the chatting to converse with myself and reconcile my views about him. I felt bad as to why I was following him. He was ready to accept my friendship in true sense or at least was ready to accept me as acquaintance. I was so happy.I didn’t reply to him, switching off the system, I went out. I needed time and wanted to see Gaurav been frantic for me. I had decided, I won’t give up but I won’t stoop so low. I wanted to test his patience and my worth before taking a step forward. After all I was broken too.

Life went on and I immersed myself in work forgetting about the conversation. When suddenly I got a message a rather unexpected & long one from Gaurav, he wrote, a heartfelt apology for his behavior and explained in brief the reason behind it and in the end he wrote, Can we meet? I was elated and suddenly felt a sense of fulfillment. As a piece of my life was joined again. One which I never knew was missing. We planned to meet at the coffee shop. I was happy and looked forward to meet him. And when I entered the coffee shop. A waiter came in giving me a piece of paper. I opened it and read. In Capital letters it was written, YOU HAVE A FRIEND REQUEST FROM GAURAV with two options. Accept or decline.I folded the paper neatly and sat on the table written accept. Gaurav came in and said, “Hey Glad to have you as my new friend.” A tale of friendship began.

Want to meet the writers behind this short and sweet tale? Well here they are!


  1. Ila Verma 



2. Paresh Godhwani



3. Ammy


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