Spicy Saturday Picks – November 19, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAddaHi folks, let’s get started with this week’s spicy picks and kick start your weekend. Pick up your laptops or cellphones and dive into the world of best stories, travel diaries, poems and get inspired. We at BlogAdda love to share the mesmeric reads that keeps all you voracious readers gripped with Spicy Saturday Picks. If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Sid Balachandran
  • What: “Begin Again”
  • Spicy: Losing someone close to your heart is a loss no one can fill. The agony tears you apart and your whole world seem to crash within a fraction of few seconds. The tribulation in the mind and heart swirls like a roaring storm, that brings all your senses to seize. Nothing seems to give you comfort in this apprehensive situation. This fiction by Sid motivates all of us to overcome the tragedy. Life is uncertain and so are its events, all you need is to accept things for good and move on!

  • Who: Sapna Dhyani
  • What: “Look, There Is Magic In Your Life
  • Spicy: Life is beautiful in all aspects. Everything around has its own magnificence. We need to rejoice these little things in life that we are bestowed with. Appreciate the unique gifts of nature and see the magic unfold. Let the purity overflow amidst your surroundings. Cherish everything and enjoy the work of nature!

  • WhoNathinonsense
  • What“How I Ate My Malai
  • Spicy: Brave is the one who fights all his fears and miseries. Yes, it takes a great deal of courage to vanquish all your troubles, but once faced with determination nothing can stop you from growing. Fear not, face all that stops you, give it a try and eventually you’ll see yourself come out with flying colours!

  • Who: Vaisakhi
  • What“Vavs Of Gujarat – Adalaj Ni Vav”
  • Spicy: Situated in a village just 24 kms away from Ahmedabad is a mystique step well, Adalaj Ni Nav. This place is a must visit if you plan a road trip to Gujarat. The art work depicts the true essence of artist. The sculptures and drawings on the wall enunciate a story of love and pride, if you are fond of archeological sites, then this place of historic importance is a must visit!

  • WhoVishvaraj Chauhan
  • What“Roads Diverged In The Wood..”
  • Spicy: Consequences you face today are the result of your choices made in the past. It’s the journey that matters the most. It’s always in your hands either to handle the toils with full passion and just take a step ahead or step back. You need to be strong willed with the decisions you make, rest all follows!

  • Who: Cheena Chopra
  • What: “A World Above, A World Beneath!”
  • Spicy: A lot has changed when it comes to the society we live in. With so much of evolution in the nation and its paradigms our life has also evolved to a lot extent. People are so absorbed with their day-to-day routine, that we hardly make friendships that fervour. Cheena, notices these shifts in today’s world that makes her ponder upon!

  • WhoSubhendu Mohanty
  • What: “Walk…”
  • Spicy: Despite of procrastinating our own growth, look forward to what’s enstored for you. After every dusk is the arrival of new dawn. Do not regret, rather make peace with your past. Hurdles in life our to teach you the value of good result. Walk past by all your sorrows and keep moving ahead for a better tomorrow and life!

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