AddaTales – “Revenge Was On His Mind”

Hello beautiful people! This Saturday at our #AddaTales session we rolled out a prompt that was “Revenge Was On His Mind” on which our enthusiastic story weavers took active participation. Imagine if someone has daunting thoughts on his mind to take revenge. What would that person do? Execute the revenge he had contemplated on or not? Find out in our today’s tale woven by these excellent story tellers!


Revenge was on his mind, he was in a look out for chalking plan to avenge. He wanted to discuss with associate.
He was humiliated for his idea he presented in board meeting. One of his colleagues made fun of him in front of everyone.
This was not the first time for Tarun, Rahul made this a habit of making fun of him and now it had reached the level where he couldn’t take it anymore.
Definitely Tarun never wanted to belittle anyone but Rahul needed a lesson he thought.
It had become regular activity and because of that Tarun was losing respect in the boardroom.
People in the past, knew them for their close friendship and now the offensive remarks of Rahul offended Tarun and the corporate had started believing Rahul’s words. Now Tarun was busy in hatching plan to teach a lesson.
“Rahul thinks he is superior to me. Just because board has approved and praised his last product ideas doesn’t mean that he should start making fun of me. I need to bring him down.” Tarun said while making plan.
Rahul acted stubborn. He peeped into my system when I left the desk to smoke, I didn’t lock my system.
He stole my ideas and presented in the board meeting before I could. Damn he.
He always checks my plan before the meeting and I allow him to do that because he is a friend.
But this time around I have plan B as well which he won’t be able to check. Tarun had a wicked smile on his face. He went to his desk where Rahul was checking his plan.
“What are u doing here?” Tarun asked.
I knew his words. But still for the sake of humanity, I asked. Maybe to judge him or test him.
“Tarun, any secrets you have stored in your system, why today you are so reluctant?
“Don’t you trust your bosom friend?” Rahul said
“Hey, don’t take at heart? I just enquired. There is nothing like secret.” Tarun replied
Rahul, don’t know but these days I’m just not ok to trust everyone. Not even my friends.
“Good to know that, from now on, I will take care.”Rahul said coolly though his mind was working
elsewhere. He was hurt and he walked to his desk without saying anything further.
Everybody gathered in the meeting room after 15 minutes as board meeting was about to begin.
Board of directors arrived and board meeting began. There was different atmosphere in the room.
Two good friends were arch rivals in that meeting. As usual Rahul started his presentation first.
Rahul was very confident and was sure that he is going to nail this meeting as well as he knew Tarun’s plan. In his presentation, he cracked few jokes on Tarun and his idea, but Tarun was quiet.
He was waiting for his turn.
Rahul finished his presentation with everyone’s applause which brought wicked smile on his face. He became over confident and sat on his chair after shrugging his blazer.
Tarun began his presentation and Rahul started clapping to make fun of him.
“This is what dogs do when elephant walks down the lane.” Tarun said as began his presentation by bringing Rahul’s feet down to earth.
Rahul was ready for his next move as he was expecting Tarun to present the plan which he saw.
But when Tarun started presenting his plan B, Rahul was shocked. It was master plan. So along with Rahul board members were also stunned. Tarun finished his presentation with standing ovation.He gained all the respect back and this time his plan got approved by the board members.
Tarun felt at ease. He made the disclosure to the members that Rahul had stolen his plans and
in the boardroom he showed them the proof. Then and there board decided to remove Rahul from the board.
Tarun avenge was a cold revenge, but if he had not taken the step then he would have lost his portfolio. Rahul faced turned crimson and his motive to evict Tarun went wrong. Tarun was given a huge round of applause. He felt bad for Rahul but there was no way out.

Want to meet the writers behind this stupefying read? Well, meet them here!

1. Ila Verma


2. Paresh Godhwani


3. Niharika Verma


4. Tina Acharya


We thank all the participants for weaving this amazing story on revenge. Stay tuned till we roll out the next #AddaTales prompt. Till then ask more friends of yours to join you in this fun story telling session only at BlogAdda!

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