Spicy Saturday Picks – December 17, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Good morning beautiful people! Just few more days for new year’s countdown. So what are your plans before you big goodbye to 2016? Well, of course one would be reading good stories, write-ups and thought provoking articles. So amigos don’t worry, as we are here to solve that purpose for this weekend with our seven best spicy picks of the week. Take a look and get absorbed in the world of words. If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Rekha Vijaykumar Mishra
  • What: “12 Lessons From 2016”
  • Spicy: Every year in our lives dawns with hopes, lessons and aspirations. As we are about to bid adios to 2016, there are many things that must have created impact in our lives. With so many convictions and yearning in our hearts, we close the chapter of the existing year and welcome the new year with lots of expectations. Rekha, in her blog pens down some important points that each of us can relate with, take a look!

  • WhoJaibala Rao
  • What: “The Approval
  • Spicy: Parents are like blood to veins and beat to the heart. They are our creator and they are the ones who teach you to stand on your own feet. They always wish to fulfill their dreams through their child. But, sometimes things don’t work as we expect them to. This in turn creates a dwindling effect in this special bond, that remains untouched and unanswered. What is it? Jaibala, in her blog explains this with a gripping story!

  • Who: Bombay Foodies
  • What“Kutchh — The Holy Grail Of All Things Art!
  • Spicy: If you wish to rejoice art, food, craft, places of historic evidences that “Kutch” is your perfect getaway. Being the largest district of the country this place definitely promises a relishing treat for the eyes. The resident artists have aesthetic artwork to display and the food is absolutely mouth-whiffing. Bombay Foodies, in their blog share this spell bounding experience of Kutch, that will definitely create an urge to do backpacking!

  • Who:  Gyanban
  • What: “Cricket Moving”
  • Spicy: Cricket is one sport that holds one’s attention and excitement throughout. Be it any age cricket has had a big impact in the lives of Indians. It’s a reason to celebrate victory, friends gathering in one place and watching it over some snacks or be it colleagues in office discussing about the ongoing match. This one game has created a legend since ages and still continues to do the same. This colourful affair is commemorated through words by Gyanban in his blog take a look!

  • Who: Ritika Bhateja
  • What“Satanic Angels And Angelic Devils”
  • Spicy: Like a coin has two flip sides, so does the world. Where one side resides the holy, the other brims with negativity. All this alters the minds of us humans in many separable ways. It’s eventually up to us, whether we feed the ego or caress it gently. It’s our perception that makes your eyes believe and see what we want to. After all, where there is power of the divine, the devil is all ready with its army to fail the plans. What would you choose?

  • Who:  Neha Tambe
  • What: “Beginning Today, It Would Be A New Life”
  • Spicy: Women often take a back seat in fulfilling their own dreams and living their passion. They are created like that to fit in every canvas like a perfect hue. But, often they forget the charm of their own hue, they ignore their own capabilities and talent. Neha, in her blog shares a beautiful story that teaches us that it’s never late for a woman to follow her passion and turn it into something beautiful!

  • WhoVishvaraj Chauhan
  • What“To Dream A Dreamer’s Dream”
  • Spicy:  To fulfill all your dreams and ambitions you must step outside your comfort zone. Just a little amount of risk taken can turn something worthy of doing. You have to let yourself cross the line where your fear starts bothering you. Defeating your fears is world’s greatest victory. Vishvaraj, in his blog shares his thoughts upon the same!

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