Spicy Saturday Picks – December 10, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Good morning all the cuties! Excited for some eloquent reads from the world of bloggers? Well, now your wait stops as we have again got you the best spicy picks of the week at your perusal. Get inside a warm blanket, sip on some tea or coffee and read the sincere words in the form of best stories, real life confrontations and much more. These will definitely add good value to your reader’s stash. If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Jai Kumar Puri
  • What: “Thanksgiving Feast At The Boston Butt, Mumbai”
  • Spicy: If you are a Mumbaikar or visit Mumbai anytime, then do visit The Boston Butt. The place that streaks the hues of U.S in India with its ambiance and taste. The interior is marvellous cause’ of its soft-lighting and accentuated features. From starters, to main course, to desserts, all are definitely mouthwatering and efficacious. Enjoy the international vibe in India itself. Jai Kumar, describes his experience in his blog that will definitely adjure you to visit this fancy place!

  • Who: Vamshi Krishna A
  • What: “Open UP: #122
  • Spicy: It take immense courage to hug angst and deprivation, just like a warrior. Amidst all the famous stories of struggle and victory, there are still real life heroism that remains unsung. Vamshi, in his blog shares the saga of a woman who lives life to the fullest with the minimum of resources. Read this witness and get some inspiration!

  • WhoAnimesh shah
  • What“Kidnapped In The Tide Of Time
  • Spicy: Real life incidents sometimes leave a big impact in our lives. Our own mistakes and blind trust eventually leave behind some important life lessons. Apart from all the hassles we face, there are things you realize are pertinent in life. If you like reading stories of suspense that pertain to reality then read this interesting piece by Animesh in his blog!

  • Who: Sampada Raje
  • What“The Guardian”
  • Spicy: The nature speaks to us in its vivid and spectacular forms. These works of nature instills calmness in you without any expectations. Just like how are elders are with us, providing assurance, patient listen and always the one to boost up your confidence. These people are like gems that we need to treasure in our lives forever. After all, the generation next needs to learn good lessons that created legacy in our family!

  • WhoLata Sunil
  • What“DeScooterization #Shortstory”
  • Spicy: Changes that take place in our society have its own pros and cons. The effect of demonetization that spread mixed vibes in the entire nation. Imagine when the entire country becomes two-wheeler free. Will people accept this motion or stay in commotion. To find out read this intriguing short story by Lata in her blog, that is even thought provoking!

  • Who: Rachna Parmar
  • What: “Of Mothers, Memories And Loss Of Them”
  • Spicy: Memories are events that our brain assimilates and also discards few that has no relevance. There are few memories that we wish to relive every single day in our lives. Without having memories is like having a trace less presence. Back then when there was no digital props to capture memories, today leaves us with faded glimpse of the past. Here read a beautiful write up that reflects the memories of mother-daughter bond and how she wishes to have some pictures of them!

  • WhoSailaja RL
  • What“Whispers And Tall Tales”
  • Spicy:  History has always left us spellbound with its victory stories, handicrafts, big palaces and tale of warriors. Often in the mindset to grasp all events and happenings of the past, we forget to judge whether its actually the treasure from the past or just an article used to bluff. Sailaja, writes and ponder on the same in her blog take a look!

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