BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 29, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksForeign Direct Investment (FDI) is the buzzword in the parliament these days. How do you think the change in FDI will affect your normal life? When Foodland Fresh, More, Reliance Fresh & others came, Kirana Stores withstood the wave. It should withstand this also. No? Do let us know. Time now to read the best blog posts from the Indian Bloggers.

    • Who : Nikhil Menon
      What : There are indeed guys with the same thought process | A reply to the young Indian woman
      Tangy:: A woman writes a letter to IMH, where she expresses her fear of not meeting a guy who believes in gender equality. Nikhil, the-minority-indian-man-who-is-a-preacher-of-equality, replies to her letter in this post.

    • Who : Shivya
      What : On Solo Travel & Indian Women.
      Tangy : Shivya talks about the fears and experiences of a woman traveling solo, in India and abroad. There is a difference between a tourist and a traveler, and the later is likely to transform and find new perspectives on his/her journey. Shivya explains us how people in India are skeptical about women traveling solo. An interesting read.

    • Who : Diptakirti
      What : Thappad ki Goonj: Seven Tight Slaps from Bollywood
      Tangy : Another amazing and unusual list from Diptakirti. This time he is remembering the classic tight slaps of Bollywood. Beta, Saudagar, Lamhe and many other classic movies with tight slaps are listed in this post. Read ahead and let him know if you are aware of more such slaps. 🙂

    • Who : Neha
      What : Being a girl is the last thing you would want to be.
      Tangy : Being a girl is very difficult. But its not like we had a choice. The very least that you can do is respect us. We agree with Neha. And in this post Neha brings forth some of the difficult situations a woman is put into.

    • Who : Manasi Vaidya
      What : Taking care of Mama
      Tangy : It must feel so good when your little one takes care of you in their own simple gestures and innocent ways. Manasi’s kid went on a making-mama-feel-good spree, and was successful enough to make her mama happy. A very delightful read.

    • Who : Purnima Iyer
      What : When Love Finds You…
      Tangy : Purnima describes the feeling you are in, when love finds you. You expect something, but get something else. Yet you start liking the imperfections. Purnima expresses her love for her husband through this post. Read ahead.


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