Transforming Capitalism

What will be the future of capitalism? Rather, what should be its future? This is what Arun Maira asks. He says we should face realities and not dismiss other’s arguments in name of socialism and capitalism. This is from his book ‘Transforming Capitalism‘ which is up for review at your Adda! Nandan Nilekani, Ilaben Bhatt and Monek Ahluwali have appreciated this creation. Do you want to read it? Have a look at the excerpt below and apply to review it.

We are giving away 10 copies of ‘Transforming Capitalism‘. Here’s the excerpt:

Public opinion surveys worldwide reveal declining trust in business corporations – capitalism’s primary institution. As capitalism struggles with questions of social responsibility, corporations increasingly realize that they do not and cannot exist in isolation pursuing self- interest. Hence, business leaders are increasingly reflecting on the changing role of business in society and the values that drive business.

In this book, Maira examines the contract between business and society and argues for the need for a broader dialogue about the values that govern and guide corporations and other institutions of capitalism. He argues for the need to evolve a new contract between society and business – one in which business can engage society beyond profit.

This book is a radical argument for changing the role of business corporations in society. Arun Maira’s insightful essays and well-written case studies present a well- constructed argument for reevaluating the purpose of business. His unique perspective is invaluable as capitalism and its impact on human development is being questioned across the world. It is a book relevant not only to leaders, managers, and students but to everyone concerned with the need for transforming dominant paradigms of reckless capitalism to make growth more inclusive.

Know the Author:

Arun Maira is currently a Member of the Planning Commission, Government of India. For 25 years he had hands-on leadership experience with the Tata Administrative Service and was on the Board of Tata Motors, a business group well known for its orientation towards responsible business. This was followed by twenty years as an advisor and consultant to global business associations in industries ranging from automobiles, steel, and oil, to pharmaceuticals, and financial services. He has also advised Governments and international agencies on leadership processes to accelerate development. On his return to India he spent eight years as the Chairman of the Boston Consulting Group and served on the boards of several Indian and international business and educational institutions. He has been an advocate of the responsibility of business managers extending beyond that owed to shareholders long before the recent surge of interest in this idea, arising from his unusual combination of experiences.

The insights he presents in his book come from fifty years of extensive engagement with business practices and government policy, in a time of rapid evolution about the ideas of capitalism and business responsibility. He has written extensively on these topics in numerous business journals and books.

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