BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 3, ’11

Spicy SaturdayMullaperiyar Dam! This 116 year old dam is in the news again as one side of the dam fear for their life and the other side of the dam depend on it for their life. Which side are you in? Do let us know. There are other wonderful posts for you to read this week. Read them now!

    • Who : T S Sudhir
      What : The Maoists in white
      Spicy : T S Sudhir talks about fake encounters of Maoist’s in Andhra Pradesh. He gives us an account of these encounters and developments is the said case. State-sponsored Maoists have to be weeded out first. The ones who wear white.

    • Who : Sudhir
      What : A year later, the state is even better…
      Spicy : This is what a political hoarding ad says in Hyderabad. Sudhir shows the mirror to these politicians and the people, and brings forth the issues of 8 hour power cuts, rising prices of rice, and hence rise in number of poor people. Have a look.

    • Who Atul Chitnis
      What : 20 Tips For Your First Job
      Spicy : We would rephrase the title of this post for you – 20 Correct and Most Efficient Tips For Your First Job. 🙂 Atul has listed some tips for all those who are branching out into the corporate scenario for their first jobs. A very useful read.

    • Who : Innerbliss
      What : Fragile Relationship
      Spicy : Inner Bliss suggests that a relationship should grow and be nurtured like a plant. It needs continuous supply of water, sunlight and fertilizer, in form of love, care and trust. A very beautiful thought.

    • Who : Anuja Rathi
      What : And now when I know why…
      Spicy : Princess writes a brilliant fiction story, of a girl who is madly in love with a guy, for whom she even decides to elope with him. Fate had something else planned for this relationship. Know what happened to them by reading this post.

    • Who : Divenita
      What : I LOVE YOU!!
      Spicy : If you truly love someone, you must profess at the top of your voice “I LOVE YOU” before it gets too late. This is the message Divenita tries to give with this post, where she shares how she was too late to express her love, towards her grandfather. Don’t be too late, read this post and express your love.

    • Who : Suranga Date
      What : Ambitions through the ages…..
      Spicy : When we were kids, we had very little ambitions – to get that big toe into your mouth, become the monitor of the class, not get ‘locked’ even once in a game of lock and key, etc. Suranga jots down how our ambitions and pressures change at different age groups. A pleasing read.

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