What is the most gratifying aspect of Blogging – Part 4

“It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, “Always do what you are afraid to do.”” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Probably this is what some popular bloggers must have also heard, and that’s why they took the challenging route to success. They succeeded and inspired many others. Blogging, certainly, was the most important factor, in this success. They shared with us the most fulfilling facet of blogging in their interviews at BlogAdda. Here we once again account their views. Read on for Part 4 of the Most Gratifying Aspect of blogging.


There’s nothing more gratifying to see and take part in a lively discussion about something you’ve, as a blogger, opined about.

It keeps me sane and intellectually alive..

I write about a particularly obscure film and describe an even more obscure scene in it, there is always somebody who corrects me or adds on to it. I just love that!


Blogging saves me from suffocation. I can express myself over my blog and at times I am lucky enough to find people who understand me.

I believe I’ve become a far better writer thanks to active blogging.

The freedom from deadlines, censorship and the ability to write about anything that may catch my fancy.

It is a convenient alternative to admiring yourself in the mirror. Youth and beauty has a limited shelf life but your wordpress typos will still be there when the aliens take over.

I’m thrilled to bits each time someone tells me that they tried something from my blog and liked it!.

To say what I want to say, and not have someone judge it based on whether it has any “news” value.

The ability to discover kindred spirits and people who make you think. .

The people who land up from far away and stick around..

The catharsis. Once it’s written, good or bad, it’s out of my system and makes me feel lighter.

It is my zen and keeps me sane. I love it when someone reads my blog and finds some value..

Blogging is the most gratifying aspect of blogging. I have so many ideas, snippets and half-baked posts lying around, that when things finally come together and a post is ready to be blogged, that’s the best feeling. And I savor it for a few minutes before Mrs. Neo storms into the room and says, “you wrote about that?!”

Can’t describe in words how that feels. Its an amazing feeling and very humbling at the same time. Makes a very special bond with your readers.

I realised this for the first time when a person I met said that he formed his political views and made a career choice thanks to my blog. It was mildly frightening. It still is.

Obviously the reach without boundaries. Unbiased readers. And you’re your own boss and censor board!

Getting your voice out there, even if it’s in a limited form and only for the eyes of 600 people a day!

Definitely getting instant response from readers.

We thank all the bloggers for taking out time for the interviews and sharing so much insights. All of you are awesome and we love you all! For all those who are reading, we love you as well and will appreciate if you post comments and share with us your thoughts on these interviews.  Have a good time at BlogAdda and read interviews with bloggers!

2 Replies to “What is the most gratifying aspect of Blogging – Part 4”

  1. I love the fact that I am able to reach out to people,and that people love what I write ….its not just the food,I get feedback that my blog readers ALWAYS leave with a grin on their face!

  2. Freedom of expression, putting your thoughts into order and concrete shape, you can be yourself as well as developing your writing and analytical skills! All this, alongwith the fun you have while doing it…

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