Spicy Saturday Picks – June 27, 2015

Spicy SaturdayWhile you were busy with your work in the past week, we were busy talking about our #LiveLodgycal extravaganza in Goa. Take a look at the hues, celebration and madness come alive at the #LiveLodgycal Drive – The Goan Hangover doesn’t end. Head further to participate in the Ready For Rewards activity. Blog about any two interesting articles and win prizes up to Rs. 25,000. Hurry as the last day is not very far!

Here are the spiced blog posts by Indian Bloggers! Do grab that cup of coffee before you start!
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Tangy Tuesday Picks – June 23, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysAs the nations set itself in monsoons, you can have a lot of of fun indoors and claim some gifts as well. Participate in #HugYourDad contest, tell us why a hug makes for the best gift to your dad and you can win prizes up to Rs. 15,000. The fun continues at RewardMe.in. Participate in the Ready For Rewards activity and you can win prizes up to Rs. 50,000 in just 2 blog posts. 

If you are done with writing then here are some Indian blog posts you wouldn’t want to miss reading this rainy weekday. Check out the best picks of the week.
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Spicy Saturday Picks – June 20, 2015

Spicy SaturdayMonsoons have set in and while some in Mumbai are boating, you can sit back at home and win prizes by participating in #HugYourDad contest. Write to us why a hug is the perfect gift for your dad and win assured vouchers and prizes. Are you #ReadyForRewards ? Choose 2 themes, 2 blog posts describing why you love it and win assured vouchers, prizes and recognition. Participate in the #SmellyToSmiley (Ends soon) contest and tell us your secrets of fighting odors at home and you can win an iPad, iPad Mini and assured gift vouchers. Done with these? We have a curated list of the best blog posts of the week. Happy reading! Continue reading “Spicy Saturday Picks – June 20, 2015”