How will you battle household odours daily?

Picture this. You have just finished cooking a lovely meal for your family and friends for the party tonight. The house looks fantastic. You look great. Everything is a perfect setting for the party, yet there is something annoying. That constant twitch in your nose. A nagging scent that is not so appealing to the senses. Something smells dreadful. You are in a fix. You want to light up an incense stick or a scented candle but you are afraid that will make the house too smoky. The doorbell rings. Your guests have arrived. What do you do?


Participate in the #SmellytoSmiley contest with Ambi Pur on BlogAdda and breathe a sigh of relief.

There are several ways of making your home odour free. Flowers, incense sticks etc. However, we all know all of these options just last for a short time until you and your guests can pick up that horrid scent again. Ambi Pur Air Effects versus Regular Aerosols does not just help by covering the odours it helps remove them completely!

Wouldn’t you like your home to be smelling fresh and lovely and want to have more get-togethers instead of going out all the time? During the crazy monsoon season especially when we get wet sock and smelly shoes after you or your kids return from school or from the playground, a house can smell quite bad.

Did you know more than 2/3rds of Indian husbands prefer meeting up with friends and extended family outside rather than at their own home due to bad smells. 89% of most Indian wives agree with their husbands that a bad smelling home is not a home to invite guests.

Several wives find it annoying and difficult while trying to get rid of odours like fish, wet clothes, garbage, and expectedly their husband do not like coming back to a smelly home too.

There would have been several times when you would be waiting for guests to arrive but have been struggling to get rid of that horrid smell from the house. In fact, you would have also faced several situations while visiting someone else at their homes too. 2 out of 3 women agree that household odors are common in every home.

You wouldn’t like to punish your guests by making them sit in a smelly house, would you?

When it comes to making a great impression about the party at home, there is nothing better than to have an odour free home thanks to Ambi Pur Air Effects.

Tell us about the odours in your home & your battles against them and you stand a chance to WIN some exciting prizes!


  • 1 x iPad
  • 1 x iPad Mini
  • 20 x 1000 vouchers.

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29 Replies to “How will you battle household odours daily?”

  1. I am blogging for #smelly to smiley activity at BlogAdda com in association with Ambi pur.Every day indian housewife has to battle with home oodour.When I make ghee from cream , it smells badly n kids walk out of the house n say why do you prepare ghee at home, ? Same thing happens when I fry Dahi bhallas or onion garlic gravy for punjabi dishes.Even exhaust fan doesn’t help Thanks to Ambi pur for coming to rescue like an angel n bringing smile on to my kids, hubby n guest’ faces.

  2. Itzz great need room freshner for bathroom and toilet i used odonil 🙂 but want to use ambi pur #Smelly to smiley

  3. I am blogging for #smelly to smiley activity at BlogAdda com in association with Ambi pur.Every day indian So when I purchased my car it had some kind of old/wet interior kinda smell. I have tried many air freshener in the carpets with no luck. I roll windows down inside garage but the smell seems to be there once I drive it and parked it in the sun with windows down, still no change also in rain season when car cushion get absorb moisture from air it smell like decade very disgusting, you canot breath in rainy seasons with window closed because air condition retain same smell throughout But after once I trying Ambi pur its like a common & unique trendz that everyone follows & results are more than satisfactory Its lite small comparer to heavy Air freshener –So in all strongly love these huge ranges of Ambipur speciously Ocean Blue —-Thanks for making it

  4. I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi pur .How will you battle household odours daily?

    It is very difficult to fight with daily household odours which is unexpected and some time very smelly like in rainy seasons wet wood smell , fungus smell , wet wall smell,wet cloths also smell very bad but thanks to ambi pur freshness fragrances which help us to fight and vanish theses bad smells and make our home, mind , face and surrounding fresh and smiley.

    Its feel like sitting in 5 star or 7 star hotel.

  5. I am blogging for #SmellToSmiley activity at in association with Ambipure.
    In my house the odour problems is mainly due to my doggie jumbo,and the household odours such as kitchen odour and we are resolving it by making use of the Ambipure fresh Oceanblue.

  6. The building which you call a house, that which is made a home by the presence of family members is also a bouquet of aromas. Or probably not?
    For, as much as we would like to fantasize in the make-believe world of mushy fragrances, life at home in the real world is a bed of roses, albeit with thorns, and a map of pleasant scents, albeit with.

    The house, which you call home is actually a battleground for mortal combat between Villainous Smelly and Heroic Smiley. Each house has these latent elements battling to persist as an uninvited guest in the house.

    Smelly comes armed with weaponry which aims to wreak havoc on the scales which maintain the olfactory balance inside the house, so to say.
    Smiley comes armed with ammunition which aims to tackle and neutralize the damage caused to our delicate nostrils by these Smelly warriors.

    The #SmellyToSmiley transformation inside the house takes place when the people living inside the house employ heroic Smiley tactics to outwit villainous Smelly spoilt brats.

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