Spicy Saturday Picks – June 27, 2015

Spicy SaturdayWhile you were busy with your work in the past week, we were busy talking about our #LiveLodgycal extravaganza in Goa. Take a look at the hues, celebration and madness come alive at the #LiveLodgycal Drive – The Goan Hangover doesn’t end. Head further to participate in the Ready For Rewards activity. Blog about any two interesting articles and win prizes up to Rs. 25,000. Hurry as the last day is not very far!

Here are the spiced blog posts by Indian Bloggers! Do grab that cup of coffee before you start!

        • Who: Sid Balchandran
        • What: “The Art Of D-I-Y”
        • Spicy: The D-I-Y saga can be quite addictive. Who does not want to create something by your own self and see it as an undisputed engagement in your daily life. Sid was a little different but he had his own stint with D-I-Y, his wife and his little one for whom his love knows no bounds. A cute and a hilarious read.

        • Who: Sakshi Raina
        • What: “Stop Waiting For SOMEDAY”
        • Spicy: As you continue to find your space in the world full of contrasts, have you ever made an effort to amplify your existence. I am sure a lot of you ( or rather’us’) have.  Those who have not have probably stopped because of some reason or the other. Id procrastination is one of your reason, then Sakshi wishes you a Good Morning to make the most of it NOW.

        • Who: Maulik Doshi
        • What: “Downsizing Cricket? Please Don’t!”
        • Spicy: For the love of Cricket. For the love of sports. with an eye to fair means of competition, Maulik brings out a fine balance between all of it. Cricket, the game of Cricket, the business of cricket and the World Cup 2019. Be a sport!

        • Who: Deeshani Batra
        • What: “Incredible India”
        • Spicy: A beautiful post that expands the love for our country. We will probably never get enough of it. Deeshani expresses her love, respect, belonging and a little disappointment in a prose cum poetic lines. It is time we respect and get respected too. Its time to get known for who we are.

        • Who: Damini Grover
        • What: “Counselling: A taboo (that it isn’t)”
        • Spicy: With all the madness around, life can throw you with some serious challenges. We are all humans and rightfully allowed to make mistakes. With it we are also allowed to give and take help; at any point in life and in every kind of situation given. Not all of us agree to it, though we should to make peace with ourselves, our present and our pasts. To know how read on to know what Damini has to say about counselling.

        • WhoAnita Sahu
        • What: “The Purest Dew Drop”
        • Spicy: A beautiful story highlight the contradictory worlds of a pure dew drop and a wolf with a black heart. A story that a lot of us would relate to. Anita poetically addresses an issue that is not naive yet does it beautifully.

        • WhoSalvwi Prasad
        • What: “Diamond Dew”
        • Spicy: Let’s end the spice of this Saturday with the beautiful romance between a ladybug and a leaf. The monsoons are keeping the romance alive as the leaf admires her, falls in love and takes the final call. A love story brought to you by Salvwi.

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