Tangy Tuesday Picks – June 16, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysYou can tell us the best gift for your dad and get to win Rs. 10,000 as we continue to celebrate Father’s Day week with #HugYourDad contest. Participate in the Ready For Rewards activity and stand a chance to win Rs. 20,000. If this is not all, take a look at the fresh blogs of the week.

  • Who: Shilpa Garg
  • What: “Life lessons from our dogs”
  • Tangy: A lot of us love dogs. This blogger makes you fall in love with dogs all over again. As she gets saved from an encounter with a black cobra, she learns and shares a few life lessons that she instantly drew from the incident. Whether it is loyalty or love, pets are more than creatures in your homes. They teach as you as much as a child does.

  • WhoShivani Singh
  • What:“Dear Myntra and Flipkart, thank for snatching away my freedom”
  • Tangy: Online shopping has not only changed the way we shop but also why we shop. We break it to you in case you are not aware, Myntra plans to go all mobile. This has not gone down well with this blogger. Quite realistically she has highlighted the difference in desktop v/s mobile comfort when it comes to shopping. You will agree to a lot of stuff. A reality check in case you were just checking out some shopping sites from your office.

  • Who: Priya Adivarekar
  • What: “Must try list – June 2015”
  • Tangy: When you are confused about what to buy for the season, a guide and a stylist can keep you in calm. Priya here is just doing that. While you are busy working, she has a curated list of must have, must wear, must buy and must visit this June so that you are worth of what you are spending and quite in vogue.

  • Who: Roshan Radhakrishnan
  • What: “Why I hope you will take up the #100HappyDays challenge”
  • Tangy: In the hustle of our everyday lives, we unknowingly leave behind the finest pleasures. If the back of your head is brimming with questions about life, successes and failures, then you have landed up in the eight place. Life is all about falling 7 times and getting up the eighth time. Roshan takes you through his experiences and motivates you to start a fresh new chapter.

  • Who: Viditi Bhargava
  • What“My Hostel – A Heaven Infused With Memories”
  • Tangy: The memories and departures of school life and/or college life makes for the best album of life. They are with us forever and as alive as if you were just a part of it. This post is likely to bring back those memories to you. Its the last day at the hostel and Viditi has some emotional and some funny encounters in the last hours at the hostel room that she shares with her other two friends.

  • Who: Debjanir Rannaghar
  • What: “Eggless Mango Mousse in Chocolate Cups”
  • Tangy: Hey! Mangoes are about to bid us a goodbye very soon. So in case you have still not got over the mango madness, here is must try mango dessert. It takes just 30 minutes of all the time in the world and a blissful indulgence is what you are already looking at. So for the season, forget the weighing machine and start catering your sweet tooth.

  • Who: Vinay Nagaraju
  • What: “Change Is Not A Question Of Ability And More..”
  • Tangy: There you are in the middle of a busy week and this writer is likely to bring in some motivation for you. One is either doing great or wants to do so. This read will flip both the cases on the better side. Whether studies or work, relationships or randomness, change is always for the better.

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