Spicy Saturday Picks – June 20, 2015

Spicy SaturdayMonsoons have set in and while some in Mumbai are boating, you can sit back at home and win prizes by participating in #HugYourDad contest. Write to us why a hug is the perfect gift for your dad and win assured vouchers and prizes. Are you #ReadyForRewards ? Choose 2 themes, 2 blog posts describing why you love it and win assured vouchers, prizes and recognition. Participate in the #SmellyToSmiley (Ends soon) contest and tell us your secrets of fighting odors at home and you can win an iPad, iPad Mini and assured gift vouchers. Done with these? We have a curated list of the best blog posts of the week. Happy reading!

        • Who: Ekta Khetan
        • What: “Simple and Natural Skin Care Tips For The Beautiful You”
        • Spicy: It’s time you change your skin care routine because it’s time to enjoy the monsoons. Take a break and spend 10 minutes to read what Ekta Khetan has to say about skincare. Her really simple, affordable and quick ways to get glowing skin will surely leave you with ample time to have a blast with rains.

        • Who: Vibha Ravi
        • What: “Top 10 Things To Do In Orissa/Odisha”
        • Spicy: Vaguely we can see the festival season setting in and you might be busy making travel plans with your family/friends. If so, then Odisha has some really great offerings which are not typically covered in books but are noted by Vibha. Check out why Odisha can be your next perfect travel destination. Vibha, our love affair continues.

        • Who: Kavita Panyam
        • What: “Unfinished Lessons” 
        • Spicy: Before you start with another demanding week, here is a nice read that will enlighten you. 12 simple yet effective lines that will make you pause, rethink and evaluate with the decisions you keep making about life and everything around it. Make way ahead for less regrets and more celebrations.

        • Who: Vishal V Kale
        • What: “Farmer Distress In India”
        • Spicy: Not all has been good with our farmers in the past months. He is the one responsible for feeding us and yet he is the one who is subject to lack of food and shelter. Vishal V kale elaborates on the farmer distress in our country. A detailed study on why the agriculture scene is so disturbed in India

        • Who: Roohi Bhatnagar
        • What: “Diary Of A Woman Who Quit Her Job”
        • Spicy: Indra Nooyi once stated that ‘Women cannot have it all’. What defines this ‘all’ is very subjective because there are women who claim to have it all. Check out what Roohi has to say as she ends a 7 year old professional life to make peace with the questions arising from within. The questions are not about her husband, daughter or money. Even then, she is not missing herself.

        • Who: Deepa Gopal
        • What: “Changing Skies And SOC 5”
        • Spicy: Deepa has recently moved in to a new place and she beautifully captures the journey in an artistic yet expressive manner. With her love and talent for art wining her awards, she delves into the challenges of future with a positive light. Where are the changing skies directing her? Read on to find more.

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