Tangy Tuesday Picks – June 23, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysAs the nations set itself in monsoons, you can have a lot of of fun indoors and claim some gifts as well. Participate in #HugYourDad contest, tell us why a hug makes for the best gift to your dad and you can win prizes up to Rs. 15,000. The fun continues at RewardMe.in. Participate in the Ready For Rewards activity and you can win prizes up to Rs. 50,000 in just 2 blog posts. 

If you are done with writing then here are some Indian blog posts you wouldn’t want to miss reading this rainy weekday. Check out the best picks of the week.

  • Who: Esha Mukherjee Dutta
  • What: “Finding Oneself”
  • Tangy: There are 7 billion people with life on this planet and we all are different. But do we really live up to that difference for it’s uniqueness? How should one know about it and after you know it how should you define it to express it to the whole world? Check out what Esha has to offer you to find yourself and make peace with who you are by celebrating it.

  • WhoJaibala Rao
  • What:“Dear Dad”
  • Tangy: A day is clearly not enough to thank your dad.  An emotional and yet beautiful write-up dedicated by a daughter to her dad. Will there ever be a way to thank your dad enough? Will there ever be enough said as compared to what our fathers do for us? It’s next to impossible. Yet efforts are always worth it.

  • WhoPragati Bidkar
  • What: “Parsi Dhansak – Lentil Vegetable Stew”
  • Tangy: We are not very far away from the festive season that will meet us from August. How about keeping ourselves updated with some fun recipes in advance ? If you are ready then here is a recipe for you that is likely to add to  your most favorite dishes. Pragati  shares her way of making a vegetarian Parsi Dhansak – Lentil Vegetable Stew recipe. We are waiting to hear out your experience.

  • Who: Sagar Kamat
  • What: “The Hidden Kamat”
  • Tangy: Indians are highly valued people when it comes to maintaining relations. Our house help is one such person without who every process inside the house would go for a toss in his/her absence. They all are very important to us and share a relation that is beyond work and money. Here is the story of Sagar Kamat who gives a lot of credit to his househelp for the manner in which he and his brother were taken care of by a young girl who spent all her initial years in Sagar’s house.

  • Who: Rajrupa Gupta
  • What: “The Guilt Of Success”
  • Tangy: The movie “Dil Dhadakne Do” has been in talks for various reasons. This blogger too had something to say, not about the movie but about the women who face the guilt of success. So what is it exactly and why on earth do women face it? Read on to ponder a little and get it in talks with the women in your lives. They are waiting for this conversation.

  • Who: Hemu Saini
  • What: “How To break Away From Bad Habits”
  • Tangy: We have a lot of weaknesses within us. We keep rectifying and they meet us again, in a different manner and for a different reason. None of them fail in teaching us what they have to though, then why should we delay in learning that. Hemu brings out brilliant ways in which we can get our bad habits out our lives forever. So wear your hat to weed them out.

  • Who: Samparna Tripathy
  • What: “When Is Silence Really Golden?”
  • Tangy: So how long can you remain mum? Also what you do while you remain mum? You love that state of being, you hate it or you admire it? It could be something else. It is not easy considering the indisputable possession of  humans – a boneless organ called tongue. Yet the term ‘Silence is Golden’. In a way it(silence) requires you to walk alone. Do you have what it takes? Find out with Samparna.

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