Buzzing Blogosphere: A Sex Scandal, NaMo, and Jio

Monday means another edition of Buzzing Blogosphere is here to give you an update of what happened last week. This week was very happening in terms of news. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an in depth interview about his policies, two other politicians were left red in the face due to their words and actions, while there was a Bharat Bandh going on. In addition to these, The canonization of Mother Teresa made news, the much awaited teaser of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil released, as did the movie, Akira. So, now that you see what we meant by high news volume, let’s just dive in shall we.


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Buzzing Blogosphere: Spotlight on Women

Buzzing Blogosphere is back for another week with the topics, themes and issues that made waves in the past few days. This week’s main theme revolves around 50% of the population, that’s right, women. All women ask for is to be treated like equals, as humans, yet in reality they are treated as second class citizens of the world, always less important than the men. The news this week reflects this stance, which for some reason our world and society decides to take. While, many say this is a women’s problem, the truth of the matter is that it should be a global problem. A problem that we as a blogging community will not rest until we shine a glaring light on it.


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Buzzing Blogosphere: Super Women beat Sexism and Apathy

We’re back with this week’s Buzzing Blogosphere. The buzzing news for the last couple of weeks has been the Rio Olympics. This Sunday marked the closing of Rio 2016, and the official handover for Tokyo Olympics 2020. This year’s Olympics have been a bittersweet journey for India, with some wins, some near misses, some just downright disappointing. Yet, as Indians we know how to make the best of even the most minor things, which is applicable to both Indian spectators, and Indian athletes. Don’t worry, bloggers have been very vocal about it all, so let’s dive into the news pool, shall we?

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Buzzing Blogosphere: Blasts and Breaking Fasts

Its that time of the week again, time for Buzzing Blogosphere, where we give you the weekly news roundup. The news this week ranges from good to bad, from sports to politics. This week’s Buzzing Blogosphere covers updates from Indian athletes shining at the Olympics, to a bomb blast in Pakistan, to Irom Sharmila ending her fast, to other news such as the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ad and ‪‪Rakhi Sawant’s umm…interesting dress. So, let’s catch up with all these news, after all we don’t want to be left behind, do we?


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Buzzing Blogosphere: Let the games begin…

It’s Monday again, which means that it’s time for this week’s news round up in the weekly segment we call Buzzing Blogosphere. The past week was very happening, if we may say so. We’re sure bloggers agree, as they blogged about the many updates that came pouring in from news channels and social media. So, let’s just go ahead and dive in, shall we?


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Buzzing Blogsophere: Bucks, Bans and Bands!

In Buzzing Blogsophere, we at BlogAdda try to keep an eye out on what bloggers’ thoughts are revolving around this week. There were many snippets of news that needed to be covered in recent times, and bloggers did not disappoint. Ever alert as they are, no development escaped the sharp critical eye of their mighty pens. So, without further ado, here is the round up for this week.

Buzzing Blogosphere

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