Buzzing Blogosphere – AAP wins Delhi elections

Politics is considered a ruthless game where you’re given one chance, and at the first scent of weakness, vultures start circling around you to take you apart. In such a scenario, a fledgling party like Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party getting not one, but two decisive votes of confidence is unheard of in India.

So as Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet gets ready to face the Monday blues for the first time after the oath taking ceremony, we tell you how the blogging community looked at the Delhi elections in this week’s Buzzing Blogosphere.

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Buzzing Blogosphere – AIB Knockout: The Ghosts of a Roast

The blogosphere in India is not just a place for random musings, mutterings and ramblings (no offence to those who indulge in these), but a very real place of forming and expressing opinions. Whenever there is a newsworthy development in the country or even outside, the Indian blogging community is on quick on the uptake, taking to their blog to share their thoughts.

BlogAdda loves the dynamic nature of this many headed beast, which is why we are starting the weekly ‘Buzzing Blogosphere‘, a place where you can come to when you want to see all the different sides to a conversation surrounding a current topic. It will be a place to discover some interesting thoughts, converse, debate and even argue about your points! Welcome to Buzzing Blogosphere, a place that will have its fingers on the pulse of time, courtesy of bloggers.



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