Buzzing Blogosphere: Vogue Empower’s video with Deepika Padukone

Compared to the scenario just a few years ago, there is a lot of debate around feminism today. It is unfortunate that this conversation was sparked by several stories of atrocities and injustice towards women. Recently, Vogue’s #MyChoice video directed by Homi Adajania and starring Deepika Padukone with several other women went viral, and everything from its content to its intent was dissected. In this week’s Buzzing Blogosphere, we take a look at the views of bloggers about this video, and the things that it has done for the cause of women empowerment.


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Buzzing Blogosphere: India’s loss to Australia in the World Cup semi final

‘Cricket is a religion in India’ is quite a truism. And all of us know how passionate Indians are about religion, right? So when the 11 demigods of Indian cricket (the God has of course retired) came to the Sydney Cricket Ground for the semi final against Australia after a dream run in the World Cup, prayers and hopes had already reached a fever pitch.

This fever turned into a frenzy as India allowed Australia to score 328 and then folded at 233, losing by 95 runs. Add to that the disappointing performances by players like Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina, and Indians on social media turned into a swarm of buzzing bees. Well, that’s what this week’s Buzzing Blogosphere is all about – The India vs Australia World Cup semi final.



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Buzzing Blogosphere: BlogAdda Offline Activities

BlogAdda is the best place for bloggers to network, discover new blogs and get discovered by readers, participate in great activities and win big! But the fun doesn’t end here, with BlogAdda giving bloggers plenty of opportunities to go out and have fun in offline activities. BlogAdda offline activities in the last year ranged from the informative to the fun and adventurous. After BlogAdda’s stand out activities, this week’s Buzzing Blogosphere takes a look at the offline activities that showed bloggers a different side of blogging through BlogAdda.


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Buzzing Blogosphere: BlogAdda activities that made a splash!

As soon as March approaches, all organizations go into audit mode and take a stock of their companies to submit year-end reports. Now that we’ve crossed the halfway mark of March, BlogAdda is also in recap mode, and in this week’s edition of Buzzing Blogosphere we look at the blogger activities that were the highlights of the financial year gone back.


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Buzzing Blogosphere – Leslee Udwin’s documentary ‘India’s Daughter’

Take a look at any mainstream media today, and you will most likely find a mention of the documentary ‘India’s Daughter‘. This documentary, which is based on the 16th December, 2012 gang rape of Jyoti Singh in Delhi, has been banned by the Indian Government. The documentary, its related controversy and the horrific quotes of one of the accused Mukesh Singh have caused many in the blogosphere to relive the horror and the protests that followed the Delhi rape. This week’s Buzzing Blogosphere takes a look at the varied reactions to the controversial but telling documentary ‘India’s Daughter’.

Buzzing Blogosphere - Leslee Udwin's ‘India's Daughter'

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Buzzing Blogosphere: India beats South Africa in a World Cup match

We are the defending World champions in cricket. The whole nation is saying that we won’t give the World Cup back this time around, because we haven’t had enough of it.

Before the India-Pakistan clash on 15th February, there was only one request to the Indian team from the whole nation – ‘Don’t win the World Cup, but at least defeat Pakistan’ But after tasting blood (of victory), we are now back to gunning for the World Cup.

And looking at India’s destruction of South Africa on Sunday, we wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that this team has the potential to reach the finals and possibly lift the World Cup. What is the Blogosphere saying? Let’s find out.


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