Buzzing Blogosphere: Theatre of Movies and Politics

Buzzing Blogosphere is BlogAdda’s way of keeping a finger to the pulse of bloggers and their published thoughts about things around them. Bloggers are a versatile lot, which reflects in the wide variety of topics that they write about. It is obvious that with so much going on in the world, current events would find a way into blog posts. With so much that is going on, bloggers took their pick from some surprising news, some bad news and cause of celebrations for Rajinikanth fans. So without further ado let’s dive into the headlines with Buzzing Blogosphere.

Buzzing Blogosphere: Theatre of Movies and Politics

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Buzzing Blogosphere: “The Price of Womanhood”

Britain’s new Prime Minister, a world famous tennis champion and a successful actress, all three were subject to the scrutinizing eyes of the society in recent times. Theresa May, Sania Mirza and Anushka Sharma were judged against the age old standards applicable to women, oblivious to the accolades all three of them have earned in their respective careers. For a long time, women have been battling to find a balance between the role outlined for them by society and norms, and their own ambitions. Perhaps, the social stigma attached to the female gender continue haunting her, as she climbs the ladder of woman empowerment by the dint of her own willpower . Yet, all of these achievements come to naught in the eyes of certain people who feel threatened to see strong, independent women holding their own.


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Buzzing Blogosphere: Cabinet Reshuffle- The Change of Thrones

Modi’s Minimum Government went mega as last Tuesday’s cabinet reshuffle saw the number of ministers in the NDA led Central government swell to 78. The reshuffle, which was promised to be just an addition of ministers with no real surprises, ended up being a shocker by the time the new portfolios were announced.

The Modi government has committed to improvement in the areas of gaon, garib aur vikas. The much needed reassignment of roles in his team makes sure Modi keeps his focus on driving the nation towards constant progress. New faces debuting in the cabinet, reassigned roles, drastic demotions and progressive promotions kept bloggers giving their opinions on this eyebrow raising change. Has the reshuffle been a good change or does it further cement grounds for the opposition to criticize the Centre, is the burning question of the week. We try to find some answers through these interesting blog posts.


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Buzzing Blogosphere: The Growing Tentacles of ISIS

Those with endless faith in humanity vouch that terrorism has no religion. Yet, looking at the catastrophes that world has witnessed last week does make us question humanity. The ISIS and other terrorist organizations that declared their allegiance to them have been wreaking havoc, from Dhaka to Istanbul and Baghdad. The increasing brutality of attacks has gotten everyone worried about the war on their doorsteps. This string of attacks eviked responses from the bloggers, which we have compiled for you in this week’s Buzzing Blogosphere.

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Buzzing Blogosphere: After Brexit, Brentry into Uncertainty

The result is out. Brexit has won over Remain. Britain has showed the power of a referendum in its decisive vote to leave the European Union, a decision that will impact not just Britain and Europe, but also the world at large. The polls juggled between ‘Remain’ and ‘Exit’ with a final win of the latter declaring Britain’s separation from the 28 member European Union. Analysts predict that this political upheaval will give birth to considerable economic and political repercussions, declaring the event as one of the most dramatic events since the wars. Leaving the union has not only impacted free Britain, it has sent ripples all over the world, bringing us to our discussion of the week. From quoting their opinion on Brexit’s impact on world economy to the lurking fear of losing democratic values, bloggers all over the world have stepped forward and written about the implications of Brexit.

brexit impact

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Buzzing Blogosphere: Clarion Call for Equality

Good has always won over evil, yet this age old assurance keeps fading in the dark realities of today, limiting its mythical magic to the warm insides of story books. The world keeps hurting faith as hatred rears its head in the most heinous ways, leaving us with nothing but infinite remorse over those victimized and a never ending string of RIP messages that fade away with time. The usual weekend morning of June 12th was forever dabbed with a black mark etched forever on the face of humanity because of the Orlando night club massacre.

orlando shooting
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