Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 22, 2015

Tangy Tuesdays

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This is not all, our bloggers have something nice and worthy to share in their posts. That is how you complete the tangy day of the week.

  • WhoSaru Singhal
  • What“Piya wahi jo sab kuch khaye aur nakhre na dikhaye”
  • Tangy: How many times have girls heard the line “Who will marry you if you don’t learn to cook?” Nowadays girls scoff at this line as they believe that men marry wives, and not cooks or maids. Most men dream of their wives rustling up their favourite dishes to please them at least once in a while. In these times of women having professional lives just as busy as men, this seems a little unlikely. An amusing post about a wife’s culinary journey.

  • Who: Ranveer Brar
  • What“Dear winters…from India with love”
  • Tangy: Ask any Indian, how they want to spend winters and most of them will have food and travel as top things in their lists. Winter is the season for comfort food, when everyone wants to go back to their roots and stuff themselves with homemade food, the recipes for which have been passed down from generations.  Celebrity Chef Ranveer takes us through the states, friendships and food that cannot be missed in Indian winters.

  • Who: Anurag
  • What“8 Most Essential Blogging Tips to consider”
  • Tangy: As bloggers we know how reflective we are with our views and observations. However, if not presented in a systematic manner, your writing will lead to nothing great. While blogging is an art, there are certain number of technicalities that come with it by default. Here are 10 things to consider to make your blog look ‘WOW’.

  • Who: Vidya Sury
  • What: “Should you say yes to that sleepover?”
  • Tangy: To discipline or let kids make their own decisions? As a parent you are constantly battling within your mind whether what you are doing is right or wrong, too much or enough. Sending your kids for a sleepover gives sleepless night to many parents especially if you have a daughter. Vidya answers some questions that will help your kids have fun sleepovers without taking a toll on the parents’ peace of mind.

  • Who: Thara Srinivasan
  • What“Stop Romanticising Domestic Violence”
  • Tangy: The case of domestic violence is not ‘personal issues that go on between a man and woman behind closed doors’. It leaves scars deep down at an emotional level that can break you in pieces. Women especially need to learn to stand up for themselves and not take this as a guilt trip with concerns over children and family. A woman’s safety should be a priority as her family’s happiness relies on her physical as well as mental well being. This blog post will serve as an inspiration to anyone suffering silently in an abusive relationship.

  • WhoAlok Singhal
  • What“Best money transfer options”
  • Tangy: International money transfers are a huge business, considering the amount of money that exchanges hands every day. Transferring money seems like a great option when you have relatives abroad or need money urgently, and it pays to choose the right option for transferring money. Alok can help you choose.

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