Watch Ajay Jain’s inspiring #WIN15 session here!

If you ask people around you what their dream is, 4 out of 5 people would say “Quit my job and travel the world”. Though it sounds cool, it remains a pipe dream for many. Not for Ajay Jain, travel blogger and the owner of Kunzum Cafe. He is living the life he envisioned for himself by not just traveling, but building a whole career and life around travel. And that’s what he inspired bloggers to do during his #WIN15 session.

ajay jain travel blogging

Ajay Jain started off as a travel blogger, and then branched out into writing travel books, magazines and finally started the very unique Kunzum Travel Cafe in Delhi. During his session, Ajay outlined the importance of travel, what prompted him to travel and how a life of travel is possible for everyone.

The talk was peppered with many great quotes like-

“I wasn’t going anywhere in life, so I decided to go everywhere.”

I started traveling to sell the India travel story.”

There are things you can’t substitute no matter how much technology advances. They are travel and love.”

There were many more quotable and inspiring things that Ajay said during his #WIN15 session. But we won’t reveal everything in this blog post, coz where’s the fun in that? Trust us, you’ll love Ajay Jain’s witty repartee which will make you take off to the nearest destination!

Watch the video of Ajay Jain’s #WIN15 session below:

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