Perky Tweets – Aug. 17, ’09

BlogAdda's perky TweetsWe are into our 63 year of Independence. In the Independence Day speech our PM promised us as always growth and prosperity. We have the second largest population in the world. We can do wonders if we get united and work towards the growth of our country. 62 years ago we got independence because we were united and we can do wonders if we get united again leaving aside all animosity. Let us take a step and do something. For now we have all the tweets united for you at a single place called #perkytweets to make you go ROFL this Monday.

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Perky Tweets – Aug. 10, ’09

BlogAdda's perky TweetsThe Swine Flu is becoming a major worry now. It is high time government takes actions before it is too late and gets out of control. Most of the people have been recommending the government to follow the Mexico Model which was very successful. We have some good news for you. As we had promised, we have lot of exciting things for you lined up for you this week. Follow us on Twitter and our blog to know about the latest happenings. To start with we have the #perkytweets to drive away your Monday blues. 🙂

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Perky Tweets – Aug. 3, ’09

BlogAdda's perky TweetsMonday is here 🙂 . For all those who spent sleepless nights after watching Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and have had a bad start to the week. We are here to perk you up so that you have a great week ahead. This week we have got some amazing tweets which will make you ROFL and we have decided to make you laugh throughout the day . Here is the first part of the Perky Tweets. Miss Malini you have a lot to read and laugh today. 😀

Update: Another set of #perkytweets added!

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Perky Tweets – Jul. 27, ’09

BlogAdda's perky TweetsThe last week of July is here 🙂 . Time and tide waits for none, especially high tide. Now the high tides warnings are over and yesterday it was the fourth anniversary of July 26 Mayhem caused by floods. We salute all the brave ones and pay our homages to one’s who lost their life. It is a brand new day, brand new week and we are here with our Perky Tweets – Tweets that will perk you up this Monday and drive away your blues 🙂

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Perky Tweets – Jul. 20, ’09

BlogAdda's perky TweetsThe previous week winners to #perkytweets were the lucky few to catch the Harry Potter 6 Premiere :). We are here to make your Mondays Perkier – you read/listen to this and your whole week  becomes productive, sounds fun, eh?

Our Perky Tweets will make your Monday a happy one and your tweets win goodies as well, courtesy Radio One & BlogAdda. Do not forget to  tune in to 94.3 FM Radio One tonight and listen to the perky tweets read out by Malini on her show ‘Malini till Midnight’Follow us on twitter to know who are the lucky ones to win the goodies from Radio One 🙂

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Perky Tweets – Jul. 13, ’09

BlogAdda's perky Tweets Its a beautiful Monday and after a good weekend we all are back to work :). We know not many would be happy and would be feeling lazy this monday afternoon. To revitalize you and bring a smile in your face we are here with our Perky Tweets.  Tune in to 94.3 FM Radio One tonight and listen to the perky tweets read out by Malini on her show ‘Malini till Midnight’. Read on to find out if your tweet was perky enough to be picked over here and follow us on twitter to know if your tweet would be read out on Radio One tonight. 🙂

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