Perky Tweets – Jul. 27, ’09

BlogAdda's perky TweetsThe last week of July is here πŸ™‚ . Time and tide waits for none, especially high tide. Now the high tides warnings are over and yesterday it was the fourth anniversary of July 26 Mayhem caused by floods. We salute all the brave ones and pay our homages to one’s who lost their life. It is a brand new day, brand new week and we are here with our Perky Tweets – Tweets that will perk you up this Monday and drive away your blues πŸ™‚

For all those who missed listening to their tweets being read out by Malini, (for those who do not live in Mumbai) we have made the necessary arrangements and thanks to Radio One for providing us with the audio of Perky tweets being read out by Malini. Listen to your tweets being read out on air at Radio One. Click now to listen to Malini’s wonderful voice reading out your tweet!Β  πŸ˜›


The #perkytweets effect is gripping the Twitter world and we have been receiving mails from people who are complaining that they are getting stomach pain after reading our Perky Tweets. Hajmola khaa ke #perkytweets padhna :D.

Perky Tweets are being seen at the following places:

  • Thousands of listeners who are tuning in to Radio One on Malini’s show ‘Malini till mid-night’
  • People are using perky tweets as their Gtalk/Yahoo IM status.
  • They are also spotted as the status updates at Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Perky Tweets are being circulated via SMS.
  • Everyone is using these to smile and make others smile too! πŸ™‚

Don’t be surprised if the #perkytweets effect spills over to the hoardings and television. As one of our regular readers put this up as ‘What an idea, sirji?’

Do read the earlier Perky Tweets and keep tipping us. You may unexpectedly win a goodie for your tweet :D. Your tweet may also get read by Malini on her show ‘Malini till Midnight’ today at 9 Pm. All Mumbaities, Tune in sharp at 9 pm to know if your tweet will be read out by Malini or not? For others we will have the podcast of the same.

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