9 Best Indian Interior Design Blogs

Everyone’s dream is to have a dream house of their own. There are a lot of passionate people who decorate every available space in their house and make it look so colorful and wonderful. We have old age and new age interiors adorning the houses.

There are some amazing blogs in the Indian Blogosphere who showcase the Indian decor and the Indian Interior designs, which are not yet fully discovered. We at BlogAdda are here to serve you the best Indian Blogs and bloggers, and continuing this endeavour, we present to you the best Indian Blogs showcasing Indian Interior Designs.

The Best Indian Interior Design Blogs

Rang De Decor

Indian Summer

Kanika Bahl

The Key Bunch

Rajee Sood

celebrations decor

Dress your home

Cherishing Spaces


To make it more easier for our readers, we are creating a Dashboard consisting of all the above blogs so that you can catch all of them under a single roof.Β  Update: We are reconstructing the old one and will be up soon with a new shiny one!

64 Replies to “9 Best Indian Interior Design Blogs”

  1. Hi Blogadda,
    This is a very special moment for me. Thank you so much for identifying my blog as one amongst the best indian interior design blogs. Please see my blog. I have some acknowledgements for your team. Thank you once again

  2. @Vasudha Your blog is indeed one of the best interior design blogs. We trust that more visitors will discover your blog and interact on your blog. Thank you for your acknowledgements. πŸ™‚

  3. yayayyayay!!!! thanks this is such a wonderful surprise! if it weren’t for vasudha dropping by my blog i wouldn’t have know anything about this. Thanks Blogadda you just made my day!

  4. What fun … talk about a bunch of goodies all gift-wrapped for me! I visit a few of these blogs regularly but the others are a real find.
    And you’re right, these blogs are some of the best.

  5. This just came as a surprise.Just 5 months old with 3 posts published,and getting selected on to your platform which says Best among the 9 indian interior design blogs is something great.I appreciate the gesture and absolutely love this.Thanks for introducing me to people and appreciating my work.Thanks blogadda and your team.

  6. Am on the Top!!
    This is just wonderful,getting acknowledeged will always be a special feeling!
    I truly appreciate!It only encourages me to publish more tasteful interiors.
    Cheers to the Blogadda team.

  7. Dear blogadda team … thank you for coming up with this wonderful list … and for putting my blog on it … is amazing .We (all the listed blogs) are like a fraternity of Designers and Design enthusiasts. Getting a mention like yours should sure help us reach a larger Indian readership. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  8. @Kanika It’s nice to have you here. πŸ™‚

    @Patricia You have a nice blog too! We will introduce you to more new blogs. Keep watching Dashboard of Indian Interior Design Blogs

    @Sunita Glad you liked them. Do let us know if you know more. πŸ™‚

    @Lakshmi You are welcome. πŸ™‚

    @Sangitha Keep posting more entries and create a great resource!

    @Sharon and Rekha Thanks to you as well for your super blog.

    @Rajee You gals rock! It’s amazing to have discovered you all and personally, you are doing a great job as well.

    For everyone, keep it up! We will update the dashboard with newer blogs as we discover them. Would love if you contribute to this resource if you know a few other blogs not covered here.

    We are addicted to your blogs and can spend hours looking and reading your posts. We are sure readers would be equally hooked as well. πŸ™‚

  9. Dear admin

    In my opinion this blog should be in the list.

    Simplicity – Interior designing ideas are such that you don’t need to spend too much.
    True creativity. (I dont call it creativity when you get stuff from here and there and just add in your blog.)
    Very inspiring

    Added blogs are also very good however I love this the most and when i dint see it it is quite disappointing.
    Please rename the list as ’10 best…..’ and add this blog πŸ™‚


  10. Hello to the 9 best interior design ‘bloggers’. I think each one of you are truly amazing. Rajee Sood. You are my personal favorite! I really like how you’ve used things that are very Indian (particularly the photo frames) into something that can fit into any theme! πŸ™‚ Great job on that!

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  12. hi
    i am iranian architecture ….
    i need some information about indian culture and architecture , and every thing help me design indian style….i am going to desin hotel with indian style in north of iran…. please help me ..

  13. Love the green! I like the look of decorating with all one color and always forget about it when I’m changing things around.

  14. Love to see such great websites on here.. Thank you to blogadda for getting us a list like this and thank you to the lovely ladies behind all these amazing blogs!

  15. We request you to Include Indian Home Design website also in this list
    We provide completely a Free Service to our users and also for architects and Engineers
    Also we do custom made Floor as per the users request for a small Fee

  16. I’m a web designer myself, but very interested in all kinds of designs.
    Thanks for the list. loved the work.

  17. Thanks for the list.. I’ll see what Indian interior designs has to offer.. I want to see if it would fit my condo in the Philippines that I just bought a couple of years ago..

  18. HI there,

    I come from an INdian background & love your list of blogs…

    A lot of my inspiration for my design blog comes from my ethnic indian background.

    Thank you for sharing!

  19. I stumbled upon this blog adda, my god what an inspiring and beautiful collections i got to see.

    The designs was more interesting to me since it was done by homemakers.
    Great work done each and everbody.

    My special thanks to blogadda for bringing the posts.

  20. Hi!

    I was wondered to see the amazing collection. I was shocked that it was done by the housewives. Great Job guys. Keep rocking.

    My special thanks to blogadda for exhibiting the post to the world

  21. hiii,
    I just love the way you blogged.There is deep interest i have in interior designing and decor.And i am feeling so happy with the designs you have got.i just loved it.Keep it your services.

  22. The first one (by archana srinivas) is the best. It has more of a classical / rajasthani touch. A few designs are modern but I feel it really stands out among the rest.

    Another noticeable one is of Vasudha Dilip, she has the most creative website, totally out of the box designs.

  23. Hey Blogadda!

    This truly is a grt platform, for interiors lovers (claiming it,havnt explored it yet) like me.
    What led me to this page was my urge to get out of the confused word that I am finding myself in, these days..
    So basically I am preparing for GMAT(alongside work,Corporate world as u call it), but I somehow am getting pulled towards making a career in Interiors.
    Heart says- designing, Mind says give a shot at GMAT (for the degree,Bullshit)
    Please Help me decide bloggers….and list of best institutes for interiors.
    Thanks in anticipation of a response.

  24. Thanks for the great list – Blog Adda. Nice is to see vasudha and kanika srinivas in this list. We are trying to build an online portal for interior designers. In simple, a houzz.com for Indian version. That’s Homefuly.com kindly have a look and admin, please do share your opinions!


  25. Thanks for sharing such a great information with us.All blogs are reaally fresh and they have done such a creative work as of now. Vasudha Dilips blog is baeutiful. Amazing ideas.Looking forword to use that ideas.

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  27. I am satisfied with your site and your posts they very nice and very useful to us. I got such a good information on this topic it’s very interesting one Thanks for sharing the best posts they amazing. you made a good site it very helps us.

  28. Thank you for your listing out the interior designs blogs! I will check these blogs, I hope it may help me.

  29. Hi,

    I am Ashutosh, a resident of New Delhi. I have a house in Karol Bagh. My house has a lot of wood work which includes furniture as well. I wanted to do something nice with it paint/polish/design. Whatever looks beautiful. I am not sure what to do. Can someone who has already been through the process help me with it?
    An elaborate explanation of the entire process would be very helpful for me. Thanks in Advance.

  30. Thanks for sharing this Its great collection and really very nice blog about interior design.

  31. A very keen choice of bloggers. Everyone has a different and unique style.

    Loved this blog. /)

  32. Thanks for sharing this post,
    Keep posting like this that is very helpful For usΒ 
    I have found something new in this Article.

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