Perky Tweets – Aug. 17, ’09

BlogAdda's perky TweetsWe are into our 63 year of Independence. In the Independence Day speech our PM promised us as always growth and prosperity. We have the second largest population in the world. We can do wonders if we get united and work towards the growth of our country. 62 years ago we got independence because we were united and we can do wonders if we get united again leaving aside all animosity. Let us take a step and do something. For now we have all the tweets united for you at a single place called #perkytweets to make you go ROFL this Monday.

For all those who missed listening to their tweets being read out by Malini, (for those who do not live in Mumbai) we have made the necessary arrangements and thanks to Radio One for providing us with the audio of Perky tweets being read out by Malini. Listen to your tweets being read out on air at Radio One. Click now to listen to Malini’s wonderful voice reading out your tweet!  😛


How was  the #perkytweets experience? Some of the experiences reported are, falling off the chair, sudden bursts of laughter looking at the screen. Have you done something like this?

Perky Tweets are being seen at the following places:

  • Thousands of listeners who are tuning in to Radio One on Malini’s show ‘Malini till mid-night’
  • People are using perky tweets as their Gtalk/Yahoo IM status.
  • They are also spotted as the status updates at Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Perky Tweets are being circulated via SMS.
  • Everyone is using these to smile and make others smile too! 🙂

Do read the earlier Perky Tweets and keep tipping us. You may unexpectedly win a goodie for your tweet :D. Your tweet may also get read by Malini on her show ‘Malini till Midnight’ today at 9 Pm. All Mumbaities, Tune in sharp at 9 pm to know if your tweet will be read out by Malini or not? For others we will have the podcast of the same. We also have an all exclusive interview of Shobhaa De. For all her fans this is a must read.

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